Would I buy a home in this market?

Jeremy, would you buy a home in this market?

Hey, friends, Jeremy Larkin here. Real estate professional, CEO of the Larkin Group Home Selling Group. I'm here with my best buddy, Max, and the reason I've got Max is this is my home. I bought a home in this market. By the way, you see here Max is pretty cool. We adopted, adopted him from RSQ Animals, and this is A quick plug for them, off of Sunset. They're amazing. He had his leg amputated and I got him that week, and he is my best friend.

So, Max loves our new home and guys, this is not where I live, it's actually an investment property. This is the Miles House, built between 1865 and 1869 in downtown St. George. It is nightly, weekly rental, and it's phenomenal, guys.

Why would I buy in this market? Aren't prices falling? Aren't interest rates too high? Well, I didn't think so. I made a decision for my family and, and my kingdom. My empire that I'm building. And we wanna do something really special here, we'll follow up with another video on this. But, there's always a time to buy real estate. You need to make decisions based on your goals and based on your family's situation. You don't wanna get caught up in the market, right. Did I overpay? Who knows? We'll know in a long time. But if you intend to own a property for a very long while, I'd say you can buy it almost any time.

Jeremy and Max here. Over and out.

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