When will home prices hit the bottom?

Jeremy Larkin: "When will real estate values hit the bottom 'cause I wanna make sure I get a great deal?" You know, y- you wanna buy at the bottom and sell at the top. Hey, real estate friends and clients, Jeremy Larkin here with the Larkin Group home selling team in my office downtown St. George, Utah, and we're answering the question, "When will," you can see my beautiful diagram, "real estate values hit the bottom?" So I decided to go for the Jim Cramer look on, you know, the g-... the finance guy on MSNBC who roll the sleeves up. I'm getting sweaty in here, guys, talking about this 'cause everybody wants to predict when the bottom will be. So you're sitting at your house or maybe you're on the toilet... I mean, you wouldn't go on the toilet with your phone, right? So you're on the toilet and you're watching this video. We're gonna, we're gonna play a game. Home values here and this is time. One, three, six, nine, 12, 18 months. So let's just... I'm gonna have you predict... Go ahead and tell me when we've hit the bottom. Is that cool?

Today, home values are well over, you know... Average Washington County, state of Utah, $500,000. They're up 131% since 2012. 'Kay, I'm gonna start drawing a line. Tell me when I'm at the bottom. Well, are you gonna... Am I there? Well, come on. (laughs) Am I? Am I? Tell me when I... Right? You don't know, I don't know. Guys, I've been doing this for 17 years. I study homes and prices every day. We have helped 17 years nearly... Well, over 1700 families buy and sell. I don't know where the bottom is, you don't know where the bottom is.

If you need to buy or sell, if your family's grown out of the home or, or, or d-... you know, like you need to get into a bigger home, you need to get into a smaller home, you need to move across the country, you need to move across town, have a dialogue. People are buying and selling real estate, right? You can always move to that home that you wanna be in in any real estate market. Do not let the news tell you that it's a bad time. You need to find out in a real conversation with a real professional whether this is a good move for you right now. If you've got questions, visit us at GoStGeorge.com. Start packing.

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