THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to stop by our page. We are a group of St. George area Realtors, friends, residents who are helping raise money for the "Children in Need" Foundation.

Contact them & donate DIRECTLY:    

Their Mission

The Foundation for Children in Need is a non-profit volunteer program dedicated to relieving the suffering and improving conditions for Haitian communities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is an AMAZING cause and we are HONORED to be involved!

See more about Founder Rebecca Maesato's amazing story here: Utahn With Ties to Haiti Rushes to Help With Rescue.

In plainer language, they have "adopted" orphanages in Haiti & the Dominican Republic that have essentially been abandoned - no support in Country or Foreign. PRIOR to the earthquake these kids were sleeping on concrete floors with no bedding, nothing. They are still awaiting word on one of the orphanages but know for a fact that the others have been crushed to the ground and at least 2 of their caregivers are dead.

What we are doing and How YOU can help!

We are generating needed funds in ANY way possible but currently and specifically, we are raising money through the sale of the "Savory Samplings" cookbook shown below. In addition to a TON of great local, regional & national recipes, this 100+ page cookbook contains handy guides for food equivalents, tips on baking perfect pastries & breads, and info on preparing for large groups.

The donation for books is $10 for 1 , $15 for 2. You can help RIGHT NOW by:

Purchasing 1 or more books for yourself, friends or family. They make SUPERB gifts

  • Assisting your children in selling "door to door" or to school groups
  • Just making a good ol' cash donation to the charity!
  •  Whatever you can give is HUGELY APPRECIATED!


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If you want us to ship you one or more, we WILL! Just email us at: [email protected]

Other contact info:

Jeremy Larkin or Steve Mangelson:


Questions, comments ideas, volunteering:


Our Immediate Needs

 The needs of these children are many. But what we need most RIGHT NOW, are the following (in order of priority):  

  • Money to purchase food, water & temporary shelter for each of the seven orphanages (please go to our website at or contact Leah Hullinger at [email protected])
  • Donate air miles (please email [email protected])
  • Travel agents to donate their services to book travel for volunteers (please email [email protected])
  • Volunteers
     Our foundation will be putting together relief volunteer trips once the needs are assessed at the seven orphanages. If you are interested in volunteering  in a future trip, please email your information to: [email protected].

 Please forward this email to your many friends and family so we can reach as many people as we can. Sometimes people want to help but don't know how they can truly make a difference.

 You can directly impact these children's lives with your donation, large or small. 

100% of your donations will go directly to these orphanages, so please click on the above website link
St. George Area Realtors Use Cookbooks to Raise Cash for Foundation - 1-19-10
In literally a 3-4 minute period St. George area Realtors, Mortgage and Title people raised nearly $1000.00 purchasing the cookbooks. Some bought dozens, others said "keep the book and sell again, I just want to donate." Way to go guys!
These funds are being deposited DAILY to the Foundation acount to get them badly needed resources.
Foundation Makes KCSG Primetime News (video on link)

Southern Utah Residents Help Haiti Victims

By Melissa Holnbach

Santo Domingo, DR crew prep for trip into Haiti - Tuesday 1/19/10  - 10 PM.
Just got a Facebook update from Chad Ferguson, Kevin Wright and "crew" on the ground in Santo Domingo, DR (I miss that place! 2 yrs of my life there...). Tomorrow they will be purchasing a truck with the help of generous donors and driving it to the Dominican/Haitian Border w/some supplies. The plan is go "light" to avoid drawing attention from looters on the streets so they can get the needed food & supplies to these starving kids. This will fo course require "security" detail most likely from a few native Haitians. OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH THEM!
6.1 Aftershock Early A.M. - comments from Carl in Haiti! 
During early morning hours, another aftershock hit the area which as you can imagine scared Haitian residents to death. Comments from Carl Dempsey of the Foundation who is on the ground from Facebook this morning: "Rebecca, Gertrude, Patrick, Frentz, the orphans at Lesly's and I are all fine. we've been on the phone. will update you tonight after we get to some of the other orphanages."
More details: Another Quake Hits...
Scramble for Food - Wed Evening 1-20-10
"We were able to scramble and find food for Gertrude's and her orphanage who were out of food. We had to look hard, even getting turned away by Food for the Poor. Finally found a sack of rice, 5 cans of flour for $80. It's unreal, and many are forced to pay the high prices because aid is not getting from the ships/planes to the people."
Chad & Santo Domingo Crew Secure a Truck!
From Chad Ferguson in Santo Domingo, DR via Facebook: Objective #1 and #2 are complete!!! We just got back from the dealership with a great truck. It's in awesome condition. I think the organization will love it. Supplies will be here tonight to load up. I'll be leaving for Haiti around 4am. What a great group of people I get to work with. I'll keep you posted

Chad, Ryan, Kevin, the truck