Something we will be trying to do this year is periodically feature local businesses, people and events that we think are just worth talking about. NO ONE IS PAYING US FOR THESE PLUGS!

We did that in this episode with Town & Country Bank. These guys are just plain "cool" and their "Concierge Banking" is banking like you've never imagined! Check them out in our video.

Now the question on MANY people's minds right now is this: "What is in store for St. George Real Estate?"

It's a question that could be answered with many other questions, but here is my 2-cents as we plow into 2010 in earnest.

5 Reasons St. George Real Estate will Survive (and eventually THRIVE)

  1. Affordability – In 2007 only 20% of homes in Washington County were affordable based on national guidelines....TWENTY PERCENT! Recent data tells us that we are now at 60% and climbing.
  2. Safety - In a recent Farmer's Insurance study on safety, Washington County was ranked #1 in safety for communities under 150,000 residents. Have you READ the news about violent crime in other cities lately?
  3. Baby Boomers – This group continues to flee places like Phoenix and Palm Springs to capture what those communities were 30 years ago. St. George is it.
  4. Investors – I have said multiple times in recent months: When savvy investors begin to pay full (list) price on certain listed properties, you know that prices are getting back where they need to be. You would be SHOCKED at how many transactions in 2009 were full CASH deals!
  5. Fresh Pool of Buyers – These are the people that did NOT buy in the "hay-day" market of the mid-2000's. Instead, they continued to further their careers, pay down debt, and save for bigger down payments. As such, there is an entirely NEW pool of QUALIFIED Buyers looking to purchase a home!

There you have it, Jeremy Larkin 101 on why St. George Real estate will continue to be something worth while to live, work and invest in.