So, just how much variety exists in St. George home values in terms of pricing per square foot?

Well, since January 1st of this year, the lowest priced single-family home sale in terms of price per square foot, was $39, located in Hurricane City. On the other hand, an incredibly unique home in downtown Springdale was sold for a whopping $745 per SF!  How could a home sell for that much more, when they are both single family dwellings? 

Is there a time when price per SF can be used to determine your home’s value? 

Yes. If you live in a very standardized townhome community or even a single family home community with homes of very similar size, age, finishes, AND a consistent ownership demographic, price per SF can be anywhere from “fairly” to “incredibly” accurate. Just remember that subtle differences – often those you can’t see inside your neighbor’s home, can create massive differences in value. 


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