Listen up.

Remember the old $6000.00 Utah "Home Run" Grants? I'm referring to the FREE money the State of Utah was giving away this Spring to Home Buyers purchasing homes that were brand new and had never been lived in (this includes condos / townhouses).

There were 1600 total grants available and they were GONE in under 120 days. Version "2.0" of the grant made its' debut today in the form of $4k.

The main difference between the $4k and $6k is that the new $4k can be reserved prior to the completion of construction of the home.

We assisted multiple Buyer clients in securing both the $6k and the $8k tax credit for 1st-time Buyers. Can those of you who already own a home IMAGINE that?.....$14k in free money to buy a home? For those who don't dilly-dally (and qualify as 1st-time Buyers) they will be able to secure up to $12k if they close before November 30, 2009, the cutoff date for the National tax credit - see HERE for details).

The phrase of the day is "GET CRACKIN!" With 1950 of these available and the prospect of the $8k tax credit drying up I imagine application activity for the Home Run Grant will be "brisk."

For a fantastically detailed fact sheet on the program, click HERE.  I imagine there will be many questions and both myself, as well as my preferred lender team will be happy to answer.