So nowadays every Realtor fancies themselves a “Technology Specialist”, and of course they go about telling the world they’re just that.  Very few truly are specialists, but such is life.

So what technologies are Realtors most OFTEN using to market your home? At the Larkin Group we’ve had some real fun in the past year delving into the process of using “long tail keywords” (yes, Jargon…) to cause Buyers to find your home on the FIRST PAGE of Google. Very, VERY cool.

Here’s an example: “Google” any of the following terms:

·         Snow Canyon View Home

·         Foremaster Ridge (foreclosure)

·         St. George HUD Home

·         Little Valley St. George (Home for sale)

If you paid close attention, of the MILLIONS of results, articles we’d written about specific Larkin Group listings showed up in the first 1-5 results. (the pages).  I’m assuming you wouldn’t feel too bad about that exposure for your home? I sure wouldn’t. More exposure means more eyeballs and hearts and minds thinking about your home, which means a better shot at getting your price in your timeline.

Watch the video below to find out which technologies most Realtors are using currently to sell homes. Feel free of course to reach out to us directly to discuss what works, what’s just hype, and what is a waste of time!