Ok, it's time for a break from the monotony, doom & gloom of the real estate market to point out an absolute TREASURE sitting right here in Utah's Dixie. It is one of the perfect examples of why living here is so great! It is, of course, the Tuacahn Outdoor Ampitheatre & Center for the Arts.

For those who haven't been there, Tuacahn is located near the mouth of Snow Canyon State Park in Ivins, Utah ("St. George, Utah" for easy reference). Imagaine a 2000-seat ampitheare tucked up in a canyon below 1500' towering red sandstone cliffs....yes, it is amazing.

I just saw a sold-out performance of Les Miserables for the 2nd time this summer and was even more blown away than the first time! f you are familiar with the show, these 2 to the left absolutely stole the show as the characters they portrayed most often do in any casting of the program.

I've seen the show in London & Las Vegas and quite frankly, this was surprisingly comparable. My brother has seen it in even more venues and said the same. We ran into old friends now living in Huntingon Beach, CA who were absolutely mind-boggled at the setting & performances.

My brother & father were arguing about who should pay for the tickets. Many thanks to the winner (or loser) of that argument!

I'm going to make sure I see Big River before the season is out, (October 17 for Big River, the 18th for Les Mis). You should too!