Zion National Park offers so many wonderful things to see, especially the wildlife. And when I say wildlife, I mean the animals that live there! When you visit Zion National Park, you will most likely see one or two of these mammals, so why don't you get a bit acquainted with them now?

Mule Deer Zion National ParkMule Deer: This is one of the largest mammals that is found in Zion National Park. They are known for being very adaptive to the heat. This is due to their 9-inch mule-like ears because the blood vessels are close to the skins surface, which help disperse the heat. A picture of a mule deer is to the right.

Rock Squirrel: These are squirrels that prefer rocky terrain. They love the canyon walls and the waterways, so you might see them along the Riverside Walk. Squirrels have a decent amount of water in Zion, but if there is a drought, rock squirrels can go 100 days without water.


Ringtail Cat: This animal is related to the raccoon and are very abundant in Zion National Park.They don't like to be out in the dark, so you would see them in the middle of the day most likely. They can climb very well, so they do well in Zion National Park.  A picture is to the right.

Mountain Lion: This is the top predator in Zion National Park. They are very efficient hunters and are very silent when they stalk their prey, which are generally the mule deer and bighorn sheep.

There are so many animals in Zion National Park that you would need to take a trip to see the amazing wildlife they have! It's beautiful almost all year round, other than occasional winter snows (which melt quickly), and of course oppressive afternoon summer heat – gotta go early! Not only that, it’s the perfect place to hike, camp, and just be outdoors! Feel free to contact me below for more information about Zion National Park.




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