There has been alot of talk about Washington County, Utah foreclosure rates - we're currently boasting the highest rate in the state! So I guess we now have the weather, national parks and foreclosures.....but I digress.

I spent an entire afternoon recently with Paul Foy, an Associated Press (AP) writer who came to town looking for the "foreclosure scoop." You can read the full version of the story HERE.

I think he was surprised at several things: 1 - just how many distressed properties there are around here, 2 - how "nice" many of the homes are, and 3 - that the community is still vibrant.

Of course it is, it's St. George! All sugar-coating aside, we have a terrible foreclosure problem that has affected nearly every person in the county, but has also brought with it INCREDIBLE buying opportunities....time to go shopping!

In this week's episode, I join forces with Bank of America's Blake Bench upon the shuttle to talk foreclosures, our upcoming foreclosure tour, and take a brief outside look at a HOT foreclosure that sold in 6 days. We even made a pit stop at In N' Out Burger!

Join us as we kick off the fall 2009 Foreclosure Tour season on September 5th. It is fun, short, FREE and should be enlightening! Details and registration at OR