So can you guess what that day is?

No, it's not Christmas - which happens to be (for most people) the MOST important day of the year.

#2 is..........THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. (You can hear the Mothers cheering can't you?)

I love my kids and so does my wife, but that blessed morning when the kids put on their coveted new backpacks, shoes, maybe that one shirt they really wanted from Target, and make the neighborhood processional to the nearest school....well, it's magical.

It's also terribly nostalgic. I grew up in downtown St. George on 600 East. Walked to East Elementary, Dixie Middle School and Dixie High School after which I attended Dixie State College - I guess I'm a local?

Watch the VIDEO above for my thoughts on the whole back to school phenomenon.

Here is a link to the Washington County School District website if you need it.

Lowest Interest Rate I've seen

On that same fateful day we closed a transaction for a Buyer who secured a 3.75% 15-year mortgage...holy cow! I was in awe as was the Lender doing the transaction. Call or email me for details.

What will this fall bring to the St. George Real Estate markets? What are your thoughts?