St. George Weather has driven St. George Real Estate for much longer than just the past few decades! (SEE VIDEO BELOW). 

For decades, St. George residents and visitors alike have labored under the delusion that golf, hiking, tourism or even the RED ROCKS of Dixie have been driving the Southern Utah lifestyle. In this week’s GoStGeorgeTV segment, St. George Real Estate Expert, lifetime local and diehard fan Jeremy Larkin discusses the how the REAL source of explosive Washington County growth is actually our beautiful St. George, Utah weather!

St. George weather has impacted all of Southern Utah from the arrival of early Mormon Settlers, (a.k.a. the first Southern Utah "Snowbirds",) in 1861, all the way up through the Snowbirds of today who continue to flee the cold of the North to enjoy our “Main Attraction” - St. George weather.

150,000 people and over 150 years later, the rest, they say, is History. This video was shot in the shadow of the historic St. George Tabernacle on “Town Square.” Here’s a live link to current St. George Weather.