Regardless of the big box retailer influence or just the plain old “commercialism” of the season, St. George still manages to maintain a “small town” feeling over the Holidays…kind of.

St. George, Utah is probably no different from most any other small city in the United States. Once you’re within oh, say….72 hours of Christmas, the St. George business district becomes a ghost town (as seen in the picture below of The Village Bank on Tabernacle St.), and shopping district becomes…..well let’s just say you’re taking your life into your hands by getting too close. Check out the stream of people below coming into Costco December 23…like a cattle drive!

The Village Bank St. George, UtahBorn and raised in St. George, as was my Father, I’ve always loved how things in the old St. George downtown seem to almost “go back in time” as business people take an early leave to get last minute shopping done, tidy up for the Holidays, or just play hooky.

I like it so much that I cannot resist but to call my Brother back East and tell him, “well you can see it’s Holiday time Dixie….almost everyone’s left their office for the week.”


‚ÄčSt. George Tabernacle St. pretty darn quiet on 12/23!

As for the Larkin Group? Well we’re kind of  working…we’re at the office at least, but of course distracted by all of the distractions. celebrated the Holidays with our real estate clients via our annual “Larkin Group Pie Day” where we give each of our fantastic Buyer, Seller or Investment clients a delicious Veyo Pie and take at least a few moments to catch up.

I’ll never forget the “good old days” when you’d drive onto St. George Boulevard from I-15 and see the big “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” strung across the Boulevard in faux garland material. Hurricane City still does it! Oh well, I’ll always have those childhood memories of St. George during the Holidays. I hope you're creating your very own too!