This past week I had the good fortune to have a GREAT client with season tickets to the St. George Roadrunners. This is another one of those truly overlooked, but "rich" Dixie experiences that is on its' way to becoming a "tradtion" if they can keep the finances together on the outfit.

The Roadrunners are managed by former Cleveland Indina Superstar Cory Snyder (I think I have his rookie card!) which lends some real professionalism to this independent league baseball team.

While these guys are necessarily in the pro rankings, they can play ball. Numerous mesmerizing double-plays and a host of home runs made it a fun night, not to mention the classic between-inning games and drawings on-field for the fans. (I believe we have a short clip of a bunch of young mothers having a cupcake eating contest..)

Enjoy the video and get out and support our Roadrunners!