Well....BILLIONS of dollars and 4 years later, the Presidential Election came...and went. There's no question that St. George...and the entire State of Utah for that matter, are predominantly Conservative, Right-leaning, Republican areas. And as such, MANY locals have expressed utter dismay over Presidential Election results.

I cannot tell you how many facebook posts, emails and tweets I saw from friends saying, "I'm sick to my stomach, we're ruined!" Then there were those on the other side who were simply elated...interesting how life works isn't it? 

Regardless of your political affiliations, this type of sentiment CAN, but doesn't NEED to affect local consumer confidence. In this week's piece, Obama and Romney don't know anything about St. George, Utah...but we do!.

Jeremy Larkin talks about why the the future of St. George Real Estate is bright regardless of who's in office. THESE ARE "GLAD TIDINGS" about the future of this local market - PLEASE PASS THE WORD ALONG to your friends!

PS - we've already got folks contacting us concerned about what election may results may do to their property values long term. We've opened up a brand new resource page for you to look at values in your neighborhood IMMEDIATELY. Enjoy by clicking below: