Wow, a hint of positive least for Utah's Dixie. In an article released this morning by the Associated Press, St. George, Utah, Ithaca, N.Yand Fairbanks, Alaska are among the handful of the nation's 363 metropolitan areas expected to see employment remain flat or increase slightly.

New York, Los Angeles and Miami are forecast to get hit hard.

If this holds true, it confirms a conversation I had Saturday while out with a couple from SLC searching for a 2nd home (which will eventulally become their primary). The question was posed, "what do you think is going to happen with the market?........I am personally surprised that this area hasn't been hit harder."

First, I agree and I, too am suprised at the resiliancy of Southern Utah. That said, my answer to "why" this is has everything to do with qualify of life. Yes, people are losing jobs here and moving elsewhere, but it is pretty easy to pick up and leave many of the so-called cities (a.k.a."hellholes) when things get ugly.

But Dixie, on the other hand, is just a wonderful place to be, live, visit, drive, BREATHE, etc. (see: "Wasatch Front Inversions...")

"Escape to St. George".....

We have not stopped growing in this economic downturn - people keep coming (for better or worse). Why? Quality........Of............Life. And now that real estate values are coming back into line with reality it just makes this area that much more appealing.

Eat your heart out big city folks.....and we don't even have to pay to park!

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