St. George City Golf Club is a “need-to-play” type of course. One of the biggest activities in Southern Utah and surrounding areas is golfing. Therefore, we have some amazing golf courses around town that are worth going to if you are the type of person that loves to golf.

St. George golf club









Located in an area known as "Bloomington Hills", this is one of St. George's favored golf courses. This course is very unique in the fact that this one is run by the St. George City itself. It's been running for 30+ years and is considered a "traditional" 18-hole course. Because it is an older course, the fairways are wide open and greens are less risky. 

The price for an 18-hole game is between $22-$33, depending on the time of year you decide to go golfing. They also have many events to choose from! So come to St. George and try golfing here for yourself! 

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