I love good news, don't you? I ran across a very positive article on Reuters today that is giving me warm and fuzzy feelings about the future of local and national real estate markets.

In the article, they pointed out that US housing inventory data is pointing toward stabilization...yeah! The data focused on Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas, all of which have seen huge decreases in inventory over the past year. Anyone who know's St. George understands that whether it's the latest fashion trends or real estate, we always trail these areas by 6-12 mos.

In the St. George area specifically we have also seen stabilization with monthly sales around 250 for the past 4 mos, up from only 107 in January! Affordability & government incentives are driving this trend.

Watch the Video below, then click on the link below that or a VERY COOL mid-year market report for the St. George area!

WATCH FIRST, THEN click this link: (you're gonna love this...)

Market Discussion (click it!)