We did it again. Gave out a WHOLE BUNCH of pies to our Larkin Group Real Estate Clients that is. The "Pie Day" event started 4 or 5 years ago, I guess we stopped keeping track. But clients love the gesture, and we love doing it. 

Larkin Group Pie Day 2013 Clients









This year we did over 50 pies, last year more than that, but we held the event on Thanksgiving vs. the Christmas event this year as our planning was beyond poor coming into the end of the year. 

Larkin Group Pie Day 2013









To learn more about the event, just visit the Pie Day page! Larkin Group Pie Day'

And to see a photo highlight album of Pie Day 2013, just click here: Larkin Group Pie Day 2013

Larkin Group Pie Day 2013 Delivery Crew