It's always great to get some free press, and we had a super tour today! The following was taken directly from the KCSG website. Story and VIDEO CLIP here:

Real Estate Agent Organizes Fun Bus for Foreclosures

By Chance Walser

Local real estate agents and banks are putting a unique twist on the parade of homes.
Keller Williams Realty and Country Wide Home Loans are teaming up to take you on a foreclosure tour.

Jeremy Larkin says he got the idea from the internet.

He has mapped out close to a dozen foreclosed properties in the area to show to prospective buyers.

He says out of the box thinking is important because selling techniques change, and with a lot of people looking for the best deals in the slow market, the tour is a good way to peak interest.
The foreclosure bus will run tomorrow.

For more information you can call Jeremy Larkin at 435-862-8467.