A really classic way to spend a St. George summer evening is at one of the City of St. George-sponsored "Concerts in the Park." First of all they are FREE, second Vernon Worthen Park is a classic downtown city park with tons of shade & grass, and last but not least, the artists they bring in are typically really great.

In this episode we catch up with Kirby Heyborne, a fantastic singer/songwriter and most well known for his LDS film exploits in everything from the MAJORLY satiristic (and painfully funny) "Singles Ward', "The RM" and Sons of Provo, to some pretty critically acclaimed performances in the more serious "Saints and Soldiers" and the "The Best Two Years." 

This is a GREAT GUY....he was bombarded afterward for literally hours by fans, mostly younger kids and he was surprisingly gracious with his time, funny & sincere. All the best to Kirby in future ventures.

That said, there is still 1 more show left this year, "Stillhouse Road", a Bluegrass Group. http://www.sgcity.org/arts/concert/index.php for more info!