Keller Williams Realty ROCKS! Have you ever been involved with a job, organization, club, or sports team and woke up one day saying, "MAN I'm lucky to be a part of this!"??? I sure have, and that organization is Keller Williams Realty.

I know, I know. If you're a consumer, you're thinking, "why should I care?" Well you certainly don't have to! However, Larkin Group clients should care because they can rest easy knowing we're trained and supported (both legally and day-to-day business wise), by the greatest Real Estate company in the world - Keller Williams Realty

Realtor Magazine recently ran their annual "Franchise Report", detailing a bit about all of the major companies out there. # of agents, offices, etc, etc, etc. If you want to see the full report, here you go: 2011 Franchise Report. It's actually a short read.

If not, here's the punch line: Every single major brokerage in the United States has closed offices and lost agents in the past few years....EXCEPT Keller Williams Realty.

Unless you've been living in a cave or the Arctic, you'll realize that this is really saying something considering the economic conditions of late. It's not just one thing, but the sum of ALL THINGS about Keller Williams Realty that make it great. Here are just a few philosophies that you'll probably care about:

 Win-Win. . . or no deal
 Integrity. . . do the right thing
 Commitment. . . in all things
 Communication. . .  seek first to understand
 Creativity. . . ideas before results
 Customers. . . always come first
 Teamwork. . . together everyone achieves more
 Trust. . . starts with honesty
 Success. . . results through people

These beliefs are an integral part of the Keller Williams Realty company culture NATIONWIDE.

Glad to be a part of it! Want to learn more? Here's a link: Keller Williams Realty