5 Minute Tour of the Best Historic Sites on Ironman St. George Course!

After years of preparation and hype, both by Ironman organizers AND racers, Ford Ironman St. George is finally coming to town!

In addition to being arguably the most scenic and difficult course on the Ironman circuit, this course offers something else quite unique - participants not only finish the race at historic town square, but come through the historic district 3 times!

Whether you are here to spectate or participate, don't miss some of the hidden gems in this area - The old Opera House/Social Hall, Art district, Ancestor Square, Art Walk, Judd's Store, St. George LDS Temple, and of course Town Square.

Might not seem quite so pretty on the 2nd lap of the marathon...

As an avid cyclist, St. George Marathon finisher, and 5-time triathlon participant (note I didn't use the word "racer"), I realize that most of you competing on May 1st won't be able to focus on these great sites during the race, so you'd better get there before or after.

Nothing tastes better than a fresh baked bread stick, novelty soda and perhaps an ice cream from Judd's store after a HUGE effort!

Welcome Ironman St. George volunteers, spectators and organizers to my beautiful home town! Feel free to contact me directly - larkin@gostgeorge.com, for more details, directions or advice about St. George.

Until then, eat your carbs, get some rest and we will see you on race day. (I'll be the one voluteering, NOT racing...).

Key Links:

Ironman International: http://www.ironman.com/

St. George Temple: http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/stgeorge/

St. George City & History: http://www.sgcity.org/