Doesn't it seem like the real estate discussions get a little "SERIOUS?" I think so, which is why I wanted to kick off February 2010 "quick and light" with a brief discussion about some of the great things going on in St. George this Winter & Spring!

Heritage Days Celebration, a.k.a. "St. George's Birthday":  This actually already passed, held the week of January 15th. As you will see in the video above, I ran into St. George Mayor Dan McArhur, along with the entire St. George Council, dishing out free Root Beer Floats and chumming it up with the public.

Why you don't want to miss next year: In addition to root beer floats, St. George City offered free swimming at Sand Hollow Aquatic center and free bus rides on the "SunTran" system all day long.

St. George Area Parade of Homes - 20th Anniversary, February 12-21, 2010:  My wife enjoys a "love-hate" relationship with the parade of homes. She LOVES the homes, then HATES ours when she gets home!

Why you don't want to miss: I have always maintained the most luxury of those on parade rival the most lavish of fine homes anywhere in the country, the weather is great, and for $12.50/person you can see 25 of the greatest homes in St. George.    

Ford Ironman St. George - May 1, 2010: This is HUGE news. There are only 7 Ford Ironman events in the Continental US, and even fewer held on Saturday. 2.4 mile swim at Sand Hollow Reservoir, 112 Mile bike that runs through Gunlock & more, wrapped up with 26.2 mile FULL marathon. In 1 day. Ouch.

Why you don't want to miss: While I haven't completed an Ironman, I HAVE done a marathon and ridden 100 miles, including most of this course. This is an EPIC course, perhaps the toughest in the U.S. If you thought the buzz for the St. George Marathon was big, just wait until you feel the electricity (and incoming marketing $$) from Ford Ironman. Unreal!


So St. George has come a long way from Dick's Cafe, Old Highay 91 over Utah Hill and our beloved 9-hole Dixie Red Hills Golf Course. I feel blessed not only be a resident, but to be a true local!

If you want more details or thoughts on the above events and other great activities, shoot me an email at