3.4 miles of smooth open roads and desert views...I CAN'T WAIT to get my road bike tires on that thing!

The "Southern Parkway" (formerly called the "Southern Corridor" & a host of other things) opened to the public Tuesday, providing new and improved truck and public access from I-15 at Sunriver directly to the South end of River Road below the Ft. Pierce Industrial Park.

It's pretty quiet down there at 9:27 PM in July, but I had my 4-year old (who took a LATE nap) along for company. He kept saying, "Dad what if we got lost? Are we lost?" "No son, just out for a little post Wal-Mart joy riding."

As is painfully predictable, the same slew of naysayers who spend their days ridiculing every article that hits the Spectrum.com website made their opinions known, and there are probably many others who disagree with what the City is doing out there.

The main concern of most is that it could divert tourist traffic from the City center and directly to Zion, the airport and other locations.

Valid point, but I don't think so for 3 reasons: food, retail and lodging. I just believe most people will "keep on truckin" through St. George to access In N' Out Burger, hotels, etc.

Additionally, if you've witnessed the truck traffic on Brigham Road accessing the Industrial Park you know why this is so critical. It's not just about giving people quick access to a new airport, it's about diverting noisy, stinky trucks from the frontage of an elementary, intermediate, and high school all day long.

Only time will tell how much it will hurt or help the community, but that is one beautiful 3.4 mile stretch of road which will eventually stretch to 27 miles and lead all the way to Hurricane.

Now if we could just get them to stop "chip-sealing" our city streets....NOT good for spandex-clad cyclists on 1" tires. I guess I can dream.

-3.4 miles from Sunriver Exit to So. River Rd Exit, around 5.1 to YESCO at South end of Ft. Pierce Industrial Park, close to 7 from Sunriver to intersection at Brigham & River Roads.

-Divided highay, 2 lanes going each way - SMOOTH and picturesque.