WOW. One morning you wake up and realize that your alleged home equity is gone, you are faced with losing your cars, boat & TV that you bought on a HELOC, and your former realtor or mortgage broker is now serving coffee at Denny's.....ouch.

Every once in a while you see or hear something that absolutely knocks you off your chair. It could be an advertisement, a song, a movie or something in a book. This video clip was that moment for me. Maybe it's because I'm a real estate "geek", but I doubt it.

I'm sure I'll take heat from someone for having Hitler mentioned in my blog, but it may be completely worth it for the joy of sharing this stuff with the majority.

If you are living, breathing US citizen, and especially if you are a homeowner (or formerly a homeowner....) you will have to smirk when you watch this. It even takes jabs at the National Assocication of Realtors as well as Realtors in General. That is what makes it even more hilarious to me.

This is the most incredible sattire of the current housing market experience ever created!

Enjoy as Hitler laments his personal downfall after:

  • taking out a "liar loan" to purchase his home
  • buying a flat-screen TV & luxury car with this home equity line
  • and now faces the reality of losing his "Vintage Camaro SS."
  • And his former Realtor now considers taking a job as a dog groomer.....