Very few people I know HAVE NOT seen the image below by this time. I had it emailed to me (literally) by 6 different people - thanks for thinking of me!

That said, it is hilarious and tragic all rolled into one. It is, however, the reality of our current market and will be for some time as far as I can see.

The flip side of all this pain and suffering is the load of purchase opportunities that pop up when "blood is running in the streets." Of course.....I do not know when the "bottom" nor do I dare predict it.

One thing I DO  know for is the fact that we will ALL know where the bottom was once it starts going up......hindsight is interesting, ain't it?

I am personally trying to make the best of this market with our very first "Foreclosure Tour" this Saturday which I wrote about last week. This is NOT a "sales tour." The intent is to provide buyers with they want, access to bank foreclosures, and educate all on tour about both the opportunities as well as risks involved in buying a foreclosed home. We will have our Home Inspector & lender there to field pressing questions.

Additionally, I'm sick  and tired of so much negative press, doom, gloom etc. This is my way of saying "hey, le'ts do something about this problem" by getting this inventory in front of today's buyers.

I spent the afternoon today previewing  properties for the tour and narrowed down the 8 we will be touring. A couple of these homes probably ARE haunted....they have certainly been let go.

On the low end is an absolute "beater" that is essentially a duplex and has ALOT of opportunity for  an investor, currently priced at $153,900. A perfect example of a home that needs a bunch of work but could be a killer rental.

On the high end is a luxury home in Green Springs at $495,000 that would have easily sold at $700k+ in the peak of the market. All this home needs is a fresh front yard and installation of the back. Many bank foreclosures are in almost mint condition but the builder got under water and just couldn't resurface for air.

We have seen great interest in the tour, but are still taking registrations. We would love to see anyone who is intersted in either capitalizing on, or just simply learning about this market. Check it out here:

To all of our readers out there, keep fighting! This market is tough and we are going to have to "hunker down" before it gets less tough, but so much good will come of it. It is our chance bring America back to reality on 3 key issues:

1. Home Values. 2. Credit (as in not giving it away like business cards) 3. Consumer spending.

Until then, keep smiling.