Love him? Hate him? Not sure? Regardless, the Larkin Group is TREMENDOUSLY pleased to have an endorsement for the Larkin Group's Home Selling Solutions from someone that so many folks trust at such a high level.

Our Glenn beck endorsed ads are currently running on KXNU Fox News 1450 AM / 93.1 FM in the Washington County area. If you haven’t heard them yet, go ahead and enjoy the audio below set to some VERY cool animation!

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If for any reason your server blocks the video, here is full text from Glenn's Endorsement of the Larkin Group:

"Do you need to sell your home and you’re not sure if will sell in this market? Hello KZNU listeners it’s Glenn Beck and I know all playing the waiting game. It took me almost two years to sell my home!  You however, have a Realtor that has a system for creating demand that can not only guarantee to sell your home on time, but on average helps sellers earn up to 4% more money than the average agents will net you!  

The name I want you to remember is Jeremy Larkin of Keller Williams. He can guarantee to sell your home at a price you agree to in 69 days or he’s gonna have it bought for cash. Jeremy sells 10x more homes than the average agent so he can spend 10x the marketing dollars that attract hundreds of buyers month after month.  This creates demand and helps his homes on average sell in less than half the time and for 4% more money! Best of all, if you’re not happy, Jeremy lets you right out of the contract! But don’t worry you won’t, because nobody ever does!

Bottom line, Jeremy’s gonna get your home sold! Jeremy Larkin…call him at 435-275-1670 or go to Sold In Saint George .com that’s start packing!

-Glenn Beck