I mean it! Am I the only one who'd been "auto-deleting" the "heartfelt Holiday Wishes" emails that have been coming from all sorts of companies this week? (sorry if someone receiving this sent me one...I really DO like you!)

Anyway, this is my favorite time of year: Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Always has been, same for my Mother (who was aptly named "Dixie")- I guess I get it from her? It was kind of like growing up with Martha Stewart for a Mother. The Holidays were just always PERFECT around our home - I'm pretty lucky.

There's just something magical about the way the sun starts to come in the windows differently in late September, then the rest is history and before you know it we're in January!

There's no time or space to thank everyone who's helped us in our business and lives, but I want our clients, friends, prospects (those of you I don't know YET but are in our database) to know that we don't take our blessings for granted. We've been very blessed and alot of people have it a lot worse.

Carry on, don't eat too much stuffing, and enjoy the leftover turkey sandwiches...I know I do!


PS - I'm inserting my all time favorite photo of St. George. I had this taken by photographer Danny Lee in November 2009 after a rainstorm. A similar shot was taken in Fall 2004 by Larry Gardner after a storm, but my file wasn't great quality so I had Danny RACE out there right after the clouds broke.   probably get a better copy/file of it at our Facebook page: Larkin Group Facebook Page