Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure History

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosures, as well as neighboring East Ridge Foreclosures (which shares the East Ridge Mesa of St. George), were once upon a time (Pre-2005) almost non-existent.  St. George foreclosures of ANY KIND, were almost non-existent prior to the nation-wide real estate bubble which, subsequently, burst. It seemed that virtually overnight‚Äč, St. George foreclosures in general burst. 

Like the rest of surrounding St. George real estate, Foremaster Ridge was no exception, and unfortunately gained the temporary, but undesirable title of “Foreclosure Ridge!”  Numerous “spec builders”, many of them from far away out of State locales, were throwing up HUGE luxury homes as fast as they could, only to see their investments taken from them – resulting in a glut of Foremaster Ridge Foreclosures.

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosures Fading into History (yahoo!)

The good news for OWNERS concerned about their St. George Home Values is that Foremaster Ridge foreclosures are not only on the DOWNSWING, they are once again almost non-existent! Look at historical Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure sales for the past 5 years:

5-Year Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure Sales History

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure Sales

The evidence of a St. George real estate recovery is OBVIOUS in these figures. This obviously bodes well not only for Foremaster Ridge residents, but for the whole danged market!

Why I’ve Personally Considered a Future Move to Foremaster Ridge

Yes, I really have as recently as the past month considered purchasing a building lot on Foremaster Ridge to someday build on. Why? You simply can’t beat the location.

This East Ridge of St. George is truly a little ‘island in the sky.’  I’ve taken photos of downtown St.  George after rain storms from Foremaster Ridge when the clouds blanketed the entire down City, but sun was shining away on the Ridge. You’re sitting in an upscale, (but not stuffy) neighborhood that could easily be 10 miles out of town, but sits literally 2 minutes to Dixie Regional Medical Center, and 2-5 minutes from the core of St. George Big-Box Retailers including Target, Lowe’s, Ross, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more!

Some Details about the ONLY (at least currently) available Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure For Sale329 S. Crestline Dr - The layout of this Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure could as easily satisfy a growing family as it may a “Snowbird” looking for respite from cold Northern winters.

Featuring BRAND NEW CARPET and home-wide paint touchup, the home smells AND looks fantastic. 3-car garage? Check. Grand entry-way? Check. Fully fenced yard? Check. Amazing St. George location surrounded by a fantastic neighborhood? CHECK!

Note that this Foremaster Ridge foreclosure is a Fannie Mae property which may allow you to purchase for as little as 3% down!. Keep up with pricing and other details here: Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure.