No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one Autumnal face.                                                                                                     -John Donne

Fall in Utah’s Dixie. How INCREDIBLE is it?  Born and raised here in Utah’s Dixie, my brother and I have always referred to St. George Fall weather as, ‘Chamber of Commerce Weather. ’ You know - that weather that sells just about anyone who visits this place we call “home.”

Fall in Utah's Dixie

If you’re “not from around these parts” you may be asking, what in the world is Utah’s Dixie?!  Or perhaps you ARE from around here, but never really understood the full meaning. It has NOTHING to do with Confederate soldiers I assure you.

Utah’s Dixie is the local nickname for St. George, Utah and surrounding areas. Long story short, the name Dixie was given to the area by early Mormon Settlers who were, A - Growing Cotton (as was done in the deep South); and B - And doing so in the DEEP SOUTH of Utah!

Hence, the name Utah’s Dixie. But I digress…..

I’m always amazed at how PERFECT our Thanksgiving Weather is every year i. I’ve probably not done my due diligence in checking a St. George weather almanac, but I can scarcely remember a time when:

  • It wasn’t sunny and 60 degrees
  • And we didn’t end up in short sleeves throwing a football in front of Mom’s house. (in between napping off our Turkey dinners or watching football)

What am I saying? We have it pretty good in good ol’ Utah’s Dixie.

The "Scoop" behind the “Fall in Utah's Dixie” photo above

Fellow St. George local Larry Gardner originally shot a similar photo to what you see on the front of this card some  8 years ago immediately after a November rain storm. He aptly named it “Fall(in’) in Love with Dixie” and allowed us to use it in our marketing.

A most people know, the landscape of Utah’s Dixie changed dramatically over the next few years of our record St. George Real Estate boom. I just HAD to get an updated photo of downtown St. George!

On a very similar November day in 2008 I commissioned local Photographer Danny Lee ( to take an updated shot following ANOTHER Fall rain storm. I literally called him last minute and said, “HURRY! You’re gonna miss it!”  It has now become an integral part of the Larkin Group brand as our ‘main’ photo at our site, as well as in many other locations. 

​Why do we LOVE this photo like we do? 

Growing up, I lived in 3 different homes along a 2-block strip of 600 East in downtown St. George. It's right there in the "Fall in Utah's Dixie" photo, you just can't see it! The typical marketing photo of St. George is always some red rock slab, yet that's not what I relate to my childhood. This photo really represents what growing up in downtown St. George "felt" like to me. 

We printed and mailed over 500 copies of this “Fall in Utah’s Dixie” photo to our friends and clients today – specifically formatted without any logos or other interruptions on the front so you can enjoy our amazing Southwestern Fall scenery year-round should you choose – frame it, post on a bulletin board, the fridge, whatever.

Wherever you are during this Holiday, here’s to a GORGEOUS Autumn and phenomenal, food and laughter-filled Thanksgiving. As for me? I’ll be enjoying Fall in Utah’s Dixie.