Something about the new year always motivates me to get pretty darn serious about reorganazing my St. George home...for a few weeks at least :). That's where my amazing wife comes in, a total and complete stalwart of organziation who keeps the family on task year-round. 

Check out our latest infographic on "conquering clutter" as you reorganize your home moving into the new year. It's not only fun to look at, but this home decluttering guide offers other benefits:


  • Decluttering your home INCREASES your home's value
  • You've got some stuff lying around that you are JUST NOT USING that would be greatly enjoyed by a less fortunate family - donate it to your local Deseret Industries, Catholic Thrift store or other favorite charity!
  • And finally, and perhaps most important, it will have you feeling a LOT better every time you walk into your home!


Larkin Home Organization


And since it's on many St. George Homeowners' minds this time of year, check out what your St. George home might sell for as we move into 2015 by clicking HERE.