It's spring. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, birds & bees are busy pollenating, and the St. George Foreclosure Tour (a.k.a. the "REO Speedwagon) is once again setting sail. All in the natural sequence of nature.

Video of Labor Day 2009 Tour

Not surprisingly, when we first launched the tour in fall of 2008 there was quite a bit of publicity. Of course much of that was people saying things like, "those guys are a bunch of vultures preying on the misfortunes of regular people."

Not so. Not in any way, shape or form. What we have actually been doing is educating the buying public on how to find and purchase bank foreclosures. How translate all of the real estate jargon such as "REO", "NOD", "Short sale", etc and once again transform a once empty, abandoned and unkempt foreclosed property into a "home."

Making a Foreclosure a "Home" Again

We recently sold a Fannie Mae foreclosure in the beautiful Pine Brook subdivision in Green Valley.

Just a week after it closed I was driving through the area at about 8:30 in the morning. There was an RV in the driveway, lights on, newspaper on the porch - business and life as it once was, rather than an abandoned  house with the stigma of foreclosure hanging over it. I just LOVE that feeling!

You can GUARANTEE the neighbors were happy.

This inventory HAS to be bought up and inhabited by normal people in order to get our economy back in gear. We are proud to take part in it!

We have guests ranging from Elderly couples "checking out the market", to Sellers who are considering buying a foreclosure after the sale of their home, to young famililes contemplating leaving their rental for their first home. Regular folks, not a bunch of blood-sucking investors.

We ended up assisting some of our guests, John & Kay Besteman, in selling their Sun River home just a few months after the tour. Here is what John had to say:  

"I saw an ad for a "Foreclosure Tour" in the paper and took the tour. What impressed me about the tour was the organization and originality of the program and those who organized it. While we were on Tour as “Buyers”, Jeremy’s innovation impressed us so much that resulted in an invitation for the Larkin Group to present their plan to sell our house."  - John Besteman

With all of that said, the St. George Foreclosure Tour will once again be setting sail beginning this Friday March 15.

Not THIS REO Speedwagon.....

We will be touring 6-8 foreclosed properites this Friday. The tour is FREE, and are all are welcome! Just be sure to register ahead of time at

If you have specific questions, call Blake Bench (SUPER LENDER and "Mortgage Jedi") at 435-705-4128, or call me at 435-674-1442, or just email me: