St. George HUD homes may be just what the Doctor ordered for St. George Home Buyers (UTAH home Buyers actually) with great credit, steady employment, but who lack large down payment resources. 

HUD $100 Down Program

Since the beginning of home purchasing history, large down payment requirements have made home ownership a challenge for many otherwise qualified home buyers. While many believe that the recent St. George Real Estate boom, and subsequent BUST, hurt just about everyone, there are just as many, if not MORE, qualified Buyers who did NOT purchase a home in the boom, and subsequently damage their credit, etc, as there were those who DID.

In an effort to meet the needs of the current home buying marketplace, HUD is offering a $100 down payment on St. George HUD homes where offers are at or above current list price. 

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh so there’s a catch. I have to offer list price or ABOVE!” Before you get bent out of shape, let me assure you that 75% of St. George HUD homes are being listed BELOW market value! For instance, one of the Larkin Group’s personal St. George HUD home listings in Bloomington Hills was just reduced to $133,200 yesterday.  It’s a 5 bed, 3 bath, 3075 Basement home! That home will almost assuredly see a “bidding war” this week. See it here: Bloomington Hills HUD HOME. 

St. George HUD Home $100 Down Purchasing Requirements

  • Purchasers must be owner/occupants
  • Utilize FHA insured financing
  • Offer full list price or above
  • Any offers exceeding appraised value require the buyer to provide the additional funds at closing.

Remember that offering on a St. George HUD home is done much differently that what you’ve probably experienced in offering on other St. George foreclosures. The process is handed online via what we refer to as a “sealed bid”, so be sure to contact your FHA Lender or HUD approved Real Estate Agent for further information. 

As always, you’re welcome to use our FREE home search tool to search for other St. George HUD homes.