"Dumbed Down" Transcript:

We're gonna keep this short and sweet, but don't misenterpret the length for poor quality. What I'm about to say regarding your mortgage could save you THOUSANDS:

In a world of uncertainty, 2 things ARE certain:

1. Toy Story 3 premieres this Friday.

2. Many people are getting mortgage refinances even though they have negative equity.

In this week's episode Jeremy Larkin talks about "how" people with no equity, even 2nd mortgages are getting refinances. I know what you are saying - "WHAT? You mean I can refinance my home even if I owe too much on it?"

MAYBE. It depends on if it's a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae loan. Watch the video to learn more. This has recently come to my attention by way of some precious chat time with my one of my favorite Mortgage Professionals - Blake Bench of First Colony Mortgage.

On the Toy Story note, the Larkin Group has got to rednezvous with Star Command...AND grow their Facebook fan base to 200 members. If we hit that mark by the end of tomorrow, we will be drawing for a $50.00 Toy Story 3 Ticket package!

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Until then, here is a link to Blake's full video report on refinancing your potentially underwater mortgage: Southern Utah Home Loans