You know it wasn’t too long ago when you knew every single person you saw in Larson’s Frostop and people were parking their cars on an angle along the side of St. George Boulevard. Boy have times changed or what?

World-famous comedian Brian Regan played Tuacahn Ampitheatre last week while the arguably #1 Triathlon in the State of Utah, the “SG TRI” was run at Sand Hollow State Park. As far as I know, St. George didn’t even see their first Triathlon until around 2001!




With event such as these and Tuacahn’s “Broadway in the Desert” and other incredible events, St. George can now comfortable boast great culture and entertainment, in addition to amazing weather, golf and nearby national parks.


I saw the Regan show and it was painfully funny. That guy has such an amazing knack for taking the incredibly mundane, heating it up with his physical humor, and making your gut and jaw ache from laughter. The amazing part is that they SOLD OUT 3 nights straight of the 2000+ seat venue and had added seating everywhere but the rafters….I’m sure some fire codes must have been broken.



2009 Tuacahn Highlights


And it's not like the Tuacahn shows are a bunch of wanna-be amatuers. This is professionally produced, professionaly-paid theatre by people with real resumes!


Along with many others, I too fear the thought my home town (and that of my Father and his Father) becoming a booming metropolis with heavy traffic and other nonsense, but I welcome these events as well as the myriad of new parks & recreation areas, and what it means for my children and their children. 


I think you would be hard-pressed to find very many other areas where there are clean, safe parks within 1 mile or LESS of every home, public FREE "splash pads" for kids to play on and more!


Thankfully, the City Fathers seem to be doing a wonderful job of creating a comfortable balance between the new and the old and this area still enjoys small-town charm, (with the convenience of Big-Box retail and an “In n’ Out Burger” of course.)


In summary, it’s no surprise to me that people will continue to move here. If you don’t already, you should try it. The warm ready Dixie sand feels doesn’t feel too bad between your toes either!