When going on vacation to an unfamiliar town, It’s always easy to call Domino's or Pizza Hut and just get pizza that you always have delivered to where you are staying. But then one wonders, where is a good pizza place in St.George?

Not saying that Domino's or Pizza Hut isn't good pizza, but there are so many unique pizza places in St.George that if you were deciding on pizza, you might want to try these places to try something different!

The Pizza Factory: One of the oldest pizza places in St.George. There are two locations of Pizza Factory: one on Red Cliffs Drive and one on the Boulevard. The one on the Boulevard is the oldest Pizza Factory ever! There is also a Pizza Factory Express on Sunset in St.George for a quick order of their delicious food! They are known for their homemade pizzas and their delicious bread twists! Order one huge pizza for the family to share, or individual pizzas for each person to have their own! www.stgeorgepizzafactory.com

Peir 49 Pizza: Known for their San Francisco style pizzas! Certain pizzas have a sourdough crust that is so delicious! Their different gourmet pizzas will make you dying to try every single one of their pizzas! http://www.pier49.com/‚Äč

The Brick Oven: Has a very authentic taste to their pizzas due to the fact that the oven is an old fashioned brick oven. All of their pizzas are cooked to perfection, and will taste like your eating pizza from an old town Italian restaurant! www.brickovenrestaurants.com

Roys: An Italian restaurant that uses only locally grown produce to make the more quality food. They have been in business for 25+ years, and they have always been known for excellent food, service, and atmosphere! www.royspizzaandpasta.com/

Riggatti's:  These guys are the "newest" comers to the St. George pizza market, and they ARE SO GOOD! Honestly, it's my favorite pizza joint any more - really. They wood-fire their product and cook it thin. It just kind of melts in your mouth. Check them out here: http://riggattis.com/ 

No matter how you slice it - yes, pun intended, pizza is just plain good stuff, and St. George has some pretty darn good offerings. Still not sure? Shoot Jeremy an email directly and he'll be glad to chat: larkin@gostgeorge.com.  Enjoy!