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Longtime listeners and viewers of the Glenn Beck program who are looking to lean on his recommendations in hiring a St. George Real Estate Agent will be pretty happy about this news. 

Beck just launched to help Home Sellers and Buyers find a reputable Agent in their area. 

The Glenn Beck organization has selected the Larkin Group at Keller Williams Realty as their "trusted" St. George Real Estate Agents. This comes on the heals of a several-year Glenn Beck endorsement of Jeremy Larkin and his team. 

"We're delighted!" Remarked Larkin Group CEO Jeremy Larkin. "Glenn is one of those people with very strong opinions, and very strong values. We realize there are those who may disagree with him on certain points, but we love the fact that Glenn encourages the values of hard work, self-reliance, and good old fashioned 'Freedom".  We're positive that our St. George Real Estate clients, and future clients will appreciate Glenn's support of the Larkin Group and the way we choose to do business."

How does the Glenn Beck Organization Select their Local Real Estate Agent Partners? 

The following summary points can be found on Becks website. 

• Each agent in our network is individually selected by the team at Mercury Real Estate, a Glenn Beck owned company.

• All are full time agents who have a proven track record of success.

• All are like-minded who understand your sensibilities and do business with integrity.

• Employ contemporary marketing to create demand for their home sellers resulting in demand for their clients' homes.

You can see Glenn's endorsement of Jeremy Larkin and the Larkin Group below:



Conquering Clutter: Time to Reorganize Your Home For The New Year?

by Jeremy Larkin

Something about the new year always motivates me to get pretty darn serious about reorganazing my St. George home...for a few weeks at least :). That's where my amazing wife comes in, a total and complete stalwart of organziation who keeps the family on task year-round. 

Check out our latest infographic on "conquering clutter" as you reorganize your home moving into the new year. It's not only fun to look at, but this home decluttering guide offers other benefits:


  • Decluttering your home INCREASES your home's value
  • You've got some stuff lying around that you are JUST NOT USING that would be greatly enjoyed by a less fortunate family - donate it to your local Deseret Industries, Catholic Thrift store or other favorite charity!
  • And finally, and perhaps most important, it will have you feeling a LOT better every time you walk into your home!


Larkin Home Organization


And since it's on many St. George Homeowners' minds this time of year, check out what your St. George home might sell for as we move into 2015 by clicking HERE. 

15 Home Remodeling Projects that Increase Your Home's Value

by Jeremy Larkin

Everyone wants to increase their home's value, right? I mean if I asked 100 people, "do you wish your home was worth more?', we can be fairly confident that we'd get a 100% "affirmative" response. 

So one of the most frequently asked questions we receive in selling St. George real estate is about home remodeling projects, and which projects actually increase a home's value? 

Our friends at Avaluanch media did some research and came up with this list. Which of these are you considering doing prior to selling your St. George home? Or even just because you want to? (one of the best reasons to do so!). 

Because every home and situation are unique, feel free to reach out to us with questions about projects you're pondering - 435-767-9821, or get a quick snapshot of your St. George home's (or anywhere in Washington County) potential market value right here:

Hitler Finds out his Zillow Home Value Estimate Isn't Accurate...

by Jeremy Larkin

..And it's funny. Hilarious.  

A while back we posted a video, "Can you Really Trust Zillow to estimate your Home's value?" And the answer was NO. 

It's tempting to trust a (FREE) online home valuation system to figure out what your home is worth, but step back and consider this: You spend years of your life building up a nest egg and/or preparing to make the SINGLE BIGGEST purchase you'll ever make - in a HOME.

Now you pop on a site like assuming that for absolutely NO FEE, with NO RISK on your part, they'll tell you what your home is worth. Shoot, you don't even have to put in your email address or name! is a wonderful site. They offer loads of great (free) info to the public, AND Real Estate Professionals. But please, please, PRETTY PLEASE trust us: When it comes to figuring out what your home's true market value is, (another) PLEASE trust a Professional do help you out, not a computer system. 

If you'd like a REAL WORLD, REAL PERSON look at your home's true value, or just a no-obligation discussion about your property, give us a ring at 435-767-9821. That is all, now enjoy the video!

Using Technology to Sell Your Home

by Jeremy Larkin


So nowadays every Realtor fancies themselves a “Technology Specialist”, and of course they go about telling the world they’re just that.  Very few truly are specialists, but such is life.

So what technologies are Realtors most OFTEN using to market your home? At the Larkin Group we’ve had some real fun in the past year delving into the process of using “long tail keywords” (yes, Jargon…) to cause Buyers to find your home on the FIRST PAGE of Google. Very, VERY cool.

Here’s an example: “Google” any of the following terms:

·         Snow Canyon View Home

·         Foremaster Ridge (foreclosure)

·         St. George HUD Home

·         Little Valley St. George (Home for sale)

If you paid close attention, of the MILLIONS of results, articles we’d written about specific Larkin Group listings showed up in the first 1-5 results. (the pages).  I’m assuming you wouldn’t feel too bad about that exposure for your home? I sure wouldn’t. More exposure means more eyeballs and hearts and minds thinking about your home, which means a better shot at getting your price in your timeline.

Watch the video below to find out which technologies most Realtors are using currently to sell homes. Feel free of course to reach out to us directly to discuss what works, what’s just hype, and what is a waste of time!

Ironman St. George Becomes 70.3 St. George

by Jeremy Larkin

Ironman St. George….70.3 St. George?!?! Yes, I know it’s all very confusing if you haven’t been in or around the sport of Triathlon, so here’s the long (and 50% shorter) version.

After this week’s 3rd annual Ironman St. George race, Ironman International has decided to convert the race from a full 140.6 mile Ironman event to a shorter, 70.3 mile ½ Ironman. “70.3” is the official branding amongst Triathlon enthusiasts…it just sounds better than ½. Who wants to do, or be…1/2 of anything?!?!? Not many, but the 70.3 event will be KILLER I assure you.

The Ironman St. George course is TOUGH. Arguably the toughest on the planet. This has been part of the event’s Achilles heel. Add to that the fact that they added another full Ironman event last year in Woodlands, Texas…that falls just 14 days after this one, and they essentially cannibalized the St. George race!

Politics aside, St. George can be very successful with the Ironman 70.3 event. They draw more athletes, are easier to complete for said athletes, and create less of an impact on local traffic.

Personally, as a lifetime St. George local who has ridden or run every section of the course, and as an Ironman St. George Volunteer Captain who’s seen the pain up close for 2 years, I might actually attempt the 70.3 whereas I had told my group of local buddies that Ironman St. George may not be in the cards for me with a heavy workload, small kids, etc, etc, blah, blah. I can wrap my mind around 70.3….140.6? OUCH!

Let me close with these thoughts for those naysayers who think this race has “failed.”

  •   Ironman St. George has been known as one of the most scenic, if not the MOST scenic in the international circuit.
  •  The local volunteer group has been widely heralded by both Ironman Officials and athletes alike as the finest they’ve ever seen. We have a tradition of giving back in St. George and Utah as a whole. This change certainly didn’t have anything to do with a lack of community support.
  • The Ironman St. George course is just plain tough, AND it happens to fall in early May which gives athletes very little time to prepare after colds of winter.
  •   This decision was made at the Ironman CORPORATE level, not any local level. Our community has embraced it, and will continue to embrace it in the new Ironman 70.3 format. I guarantee it.

In honor of the final year of the full 140.6 mile Ironman St. George, check out this classic video we shot year 1 about the Ironman St. George course showcasing St. George’s Historic District. If you’re still interested in volunteering, (which is a TOTAL BLAST), reach out to me via email: and we’ll have you join us for the 2012 Ironman St. George.

Real Estate: Warren Buffett Says You Should Buy Some. NOW.

by Jeremy Larkin

Warren Buffet says we should buy Real Estate. Now. 

If you haven't already watched the video, I'll tell you something that you probably already know, that they shared in this video: A really great way to learn how to build wealth, or become a professional rugby player, or maybe a world-class tight rope to listen to those who have already done it. Well. 

I can't comment on the national markets, but I can say without any hesitation that St. George Real Estate is turning the corner. Let's take luxury home enclave Stone Cliff for example: 3 years ago there were 50 or more properties for sale, you couldn't give em' away. Fast forward to 2012. I was told by an inside source that in the past 3 weeks, including the 2 weeks of the 2012 St. George Parade of Homes, that the Stone Cliff Developers ALONE (not including private Sellers), sold 10 lots, 3 custom home build jobs, the model home, and the actual Parade home was sold prior to the parade. That's a MAJOR shift!

St. George housing has never been more affordable...EVER. Nor has national housing. In a CNBC interview this week Buffett said, "​If I had a way to buy a couple of hundred thousand (THOUSAND!) single family homes right now, I would load up on em'."

​He went on to say, that buying a home is a way to actually "short" the market, also explaining that there are more households being created that HOUSES, and that the balance will come back into alignment in the future. Not only that, leaving your money doing NOTHING does NOTHING. It just, well "sits." 

Well there you have it. ​You didn't hear it from me, you heard it from Warren Buffett. And of course we'll make it easy for you to find that home in St. George. Link: FANTASTICALLY fantastic St. George Home Home Search.

St. George, Utah Real Estate 2011 - Boom or Bust?

by Jeremy Larkin


St. George Real Estate is always trending…up, down, buyer’s market, seller’s market, distress market…always moving in some direction.

Depending on the situation you're in, the 2011 St. George Real Estate market was either:

St. George Real Estate A.     Fantastic - ​People in the "fantastic" class may have purchased their first home at a sub 4% interest rate, refinanced their current mortgage to a sub 4% interest rate, picked up an investment property at a FRACTION of 2005 prices or perhaps even narrowly avoided a foreclosure by way of a successful short sale of their home.

B.     Painful - ​Those in the "painful" category may have lost a home(s) to foreclosure,  built and "sat" on a spec home that wouldn't sell, or, depending on their perspective, short-sold a family home that they originally dreamt of staying in forever.

C.    Lackluster - ​Those in this category probably wished​ they could refinance their home but owed too much on the mortgage, missed out on a great investment deal, or were just generally let-down that the market didn't recover more fully in the way of appreciation to their home's value. 

Regardless of your situation, let’s talk about the top 5 pieces good news in St. George Real Estate!

1.     RECORD HOME AFFORDABILITY – The combination of prices + record low interest rates made 2011 the most affordable time to own a home…EVER!

2.     Decreased Inventory – For Buyers, this is frustrating. However, this means home values are stabilizing, unemployment is obviously improving, and our market is returning to “normal” after a ridiculous boom which was followed by a harrowing crash. In more simple terms? Too many homes for sale = falling home values. Too few = increasing home values. 

3.     The St. George Replacement Airport Opens – After years of planning, fighting with environmentalists, and a lot of community nail biting,  the new St. George municipal airport opened on January 12, 2011. We’re now “jetting” to Los Angeles and Salt Lake City on Jet aircraft instead of turboprop, and we have an airport site that will support jumbo jets in the future. This WILL be a huge benefit to our local economy; it will just take time for that impact to be felt as passenger loads increase. Our Video Blog about it: St. George Airport Grand Opening. 

4.     St. George Recognized over and over for being on the “great” places to: Live, work, retire, and vacation. Check out this article: St. George Among Best Places to Live -

5.     Finally, CONTINUED Strong Real Estate Sales: ​St. George area real estate sales were higher in 2011 than they've been in nearly 5 years. The Larkin Group alone ​closed over 170 transactions. People ARE...BUYING...REAL ESTATE in Washington County!

'Every homeowner, or would-be home owner's situation is different. The question, "how's the market" should have a unique ​answer for everyone. Don't let some crazy Realtor just tell you "good" or bad." If you're seeking PERSONAL St. George Real Estate information, just confidentially ask!

Email Jeremy at or of course give us a ring – (435) 674-1442. We’d be honored, pleased and all of those other really positive descriptors to answer your questions about current conditions in St. George Real Estate.



Southern Utah Recreation continues to be a huge factor in the growth and economic success of not only St. George, but Southern Utah in general.

In this installment of the Larkin Group's "12 Days of St. George Real Estate" Jeremy Larkin discusses the impact of SOUTHERN UTAH RECREATION on the future of St. George Real Estate and the Southern Utah economy in general. World-class Golf, Mountain Biking, National Parks, and more. You name it and Southern Utah Recreation offers it, 12 months out of the year! St. George Real Estate WILL SURVIVE, then THRIVE, partly due to the amazing recreation we have available. 

This video was shot on the Paradise Canyon Trail in North St. George. This trail is part of the "Red Cliffs Desert Preserve" and while it feels like you're 1 million miles away, you're literally within St. George City limits. The Paradise Canyon trail is open to Bikers, Hikers, Horseback riding, and daydreamers. Now stop reading this Blog and go check out some Southern Utah Recreation!

"St.George Real Estate Inventory SHRINKING? Did he use the terms “St. George Real Estate” and “Bidding wars” in the same sentence? I thought St. George real estate was experiencing a BUYER's market!?!?" 

Well we are…. technically. Yes, we mentioned St. George Real Estate and Bidding Wars in the same sentence, and NO it’s not late 2005. 

Available St. George Real Estate inventory has been shrinking…by 29% since this same time last year. Simply, St. George real estate is "stuck" between a Buyer and Seller market. 

In our November Larkin Group St. George Real Estate newsletter we discussed the fact that Southern Utah housing had DRAMATICALLY improved over the past year or so. On the heels of that newsletter the Salt Lake Tribune ran a piece outlining the improvement of St. George real estate and decrease​ in St. George real estate inventory. Article: St. George Housing Market Showing Signs of Recovery. 

Bidding wars…really? In the past 7 days, the Larkin Group has received a total of 12 offers between 3 different listings. 6 on one, 3 on another, 3 on yet another. Bear in mind that the first two homes mentioned had been on the market less than one week…. ONE WEEK!  It's shades of the 2005 St. George real estate boom, only the bidding wars are now happening because

a.     St. George housing is so affordable, and

b.     Available St. George real estate inventory is shrinking

Specifically, 8.28 months of St. George real estate inventory were available as of December 5th, whereas 11.14 months of St. George housing inventory were available 1 year ago at this time. 

What's in store for St. George real estate? I guess we don’t exactly know. Currently,  inventory is shrinking, which is creating bidding wars, which is stabilizing housing values, which will eventually INCREASE property values, we just don't know ​when. 

Frankly, St. George real estate has NEVER been more affordable. This isn't just St. George Realtor-talk, a. k. a. “cheerleading” as some would refer to it. This is a mathematical, economical, HISTORICALLY PROVABLE reality. Despite unemployment figures, St. George real estate is as cheap as its’ been in years based on incomes of those employed, and mortgage interest rates are at their lowest point…ever. This equates to affordable St. George real estate.

For St. George Home BUYERS: Be prepared for a competitive offering situation and stop freaking out about this fact. Just because you have to pay MORE than the list price doesn’t mean you’re overpaying. If Costco put $200 North Face parkas on the floor for $ many would they sell? ALL OF THEM. Would someone ask for a discount? Most would be ecstatic about getting them at that price!

For St. George Home SELLERS: YES you can sell your home in this market. The Larkin Group has managed to sell over 150 listings in 2011 alone. You can do so in 120 days or less. This isn’t about giving your home away either. It’s about properly pricing and preparing your home for sale based on what the Washington County housing market will support.

Stay tuned for more on the continuing saga of St. George real estate inventory. 



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