It’s tough to beat huge cookies and Root Beer floats. It’s even tougher to beat them served by St. George Mayor Dan McArthur and his St. George, Utah City Council. It’s TOUGHER YET to beat them served in the historic Opera House with a band playing Pioneer Music in the background!

St. George 151st Birthday











So my beloved hometown is 151 years old. 151 years!

St. George City again marked the day as they have in the past with free rides on SunTran Shuttle, free admission to all St. George City recreation facilities, including Sand Hollow Acquatic Center, St. George Arts Museum, St. George Rec Center, free rides on the Town Square Carousel, and of course – free Root Beer Floats and Cookies served by Mayor and City Council!

My personal favorites? Riding SunTran from a stop just outside our Neighborhood to the Arts Center, walking to Town Square, enjoying the Carousel with my kids, then grabbing SunTran at the Library to head home.

My kids loved every minute of it. Who knew public transportation could be so cool? SIMPLE PLEASURES!

For me, there’s more to St. George City than great real estate! I love this City. I love what they’ve done downtown with Town Square and the Carousel…YES, the “controversial” Carousel.  My Father and I were both born and raised here. He’s now 72 years old and has traveled the globe, as well as lived in 2 foreign countries and he continues to maintain that there just isn’t any place better to live and raise a family.

Here’s to 151 more years!