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Hitler Finds out his Zillow Home Value Estimate Isn't Accurate...

by Jeremy Larkin

..And it's funny. Hilarious.  

A while back we posted a video, "Can you Really Trust Zillow to estimate your Home's value?" And the answer was NO. 

It's tempting to trust a (FREE) online home valuation system to figure out what your home is worth, but step back and consider this: You spend years of your life building up a nest egg and/or preparing to make the SINGLE BIGGEST purchase you'll ever make - in a HOME.

Now you pop on a site like assuming that for absolutely NO FEE, with NO RISK on your part, they'll tell you what your home is worth. Shoot, you don't even have to put in your email address or name! is a wonderful site. They offer loads of great (free) info to the public, AND Real Estate Professionals. But please, please, PRETTY PLEASE trust us: When it comes to figuring out what your home's true market value is, (another) PLEASE trust a Professional do help you out, not a computer system. 

If you'd like a REAL WORLD, REAL PERSON look at your home's true value, or just a no-obligation discussion about your property, give us a ring at 435-767-9821. That is all, now enjoy the video!

Larkin Group Pie Day 2013 a Sweet Success!

by Jeremy Larkin

We did it again. Gave out a WHOLE BUNCH of pies to our Larkin Group Real Estate Clients that is. The "Pie Day" event started 4 or 5 years ago, I guess we stopped keeping track. But clients love the gesture, and we love doing it. 

Larkin Group Pie Day 2013 Clients









This year we did over 50 pies, last year more than that, but we held the event on Thanksgiving vs. the Christmas event this year as our planning was beyond poor coming into the end of the year. 

Larkin Group Pie Day 2013









To learn more about the event, just visit the Pie Day page! Larkin Group Pie Day'

And to see a photo highlight album of Pie Day 2013, just click here: Larkin Group Pie Day 2013

Larkin Group Pie Day 2013 Delivery Crew

Ivins Home Sellers hate to go!

by Jeremy Larkin

Ivins, Utah - Despite what you may think, not all home Sellers feel pain when they sell and move to the next phase of their life. Many never loved the home they're in or even had a dispute with a neighbor and can't wait to get sold and moved!

Not so for the owners of this Ivins, Utah home for sale. For these homeowners, moving is bitter sweet. 

Located in quiet and safe Heritage Estates, this Ivins home for sale offers the best of both worlds: On the hand, a fully, beautifully finished main level complete with hardwood flooring and a kitchen to DIE FOR! (don't tell my wife...). On the other, an 80% complete basement that is currently plenty for kids to occupy but leaves room for your special touch and creates a built-in equity situation. 

This Ivins home is truly custom with many, many upgrades and a fantastic location only one block from churches, a few blocks to Lava Ridge Immediate School, Red Mountain Elementary is less than a mile, and Snow Canyon Middle and High schools are less than 3 miles.

To view full detailed description and a 360-degree tour of this gorgeous property, click here: Ivins Custom Home For Sale 

Ivins Home For Sale

"SELLER-SAYS" - Here's what the Seller has to say about the home and why they moved there in the first place!

Here are some things we love about living in Ivins and the area around it:
1. Breathtaking views: The view of the Red Mountain with the contrasting Pine Valley Mountain behind it is just amazing!
2. Wide open spaces: We love getting off the beaten path so close to home and walking on trails and exploring the Anasazi Petroglyphs without having to drive to a trail head, we can just walk.
3. We love being removed from the metro area but also being so close that we can run into town for shopping or dinner and movie in just a few minutes.

Our neighborhood is the best! The people are so friendly. We have kids of all ages here. In the evening you can walk and talk to people sitting on their porch or sit on your own porch and visit with people as they walk by. The kids come out and play in the street. Our kids love going to a friends house and swimming, playing ping pong, etc. they have lots of friends here.

There are just enough conveniences without the hustle and bustle. One each of post office, grocery store, and gas station within walking distance. There is a medical and dental clinic in town also. In addition, you are very close to the West side restaurants, grocery, and other conveniences. Red Mountain Elementary and Lava Ridge Intermediate are within walking distance. Snow Canyon Jr. and High Schools are only a couple of miles. Several parks all within walking distance with a new one going in a couple of blocks away.

When we first saw this house we instantly fell in love with it. Large enough for our family while being aesthetically pleasing. We love the open floor plan for entertaining and cooking while still being able to interact with guests. We also loved all the upgrades: Real wood floors, granite counters throughout, tile on not only the floors but walls as well, covered porches, raised decks, fireplaces, high ceilings, drinking fountain, intercom system throughout, extra large pantry, food storage room, the list goes on and on.

If you like being out of doors, hiking, running, biking, or going to a park then this is the place for you to enjoy your passions. My kids have taken off on a Friday after school with a backpack and hiked up and camped overnight on top of the Red Mountain - where else can you feel good about letting your kids do something like that? Friends from Idaho have stayed with us, not because they wanted to see us (just kidding), but because their ball tournaments were held at Gubler Park and they wanted to be close and have the option to not fight the parking and just walk over instead. We love hitting one of the many trails (both paved and unpaved) in the area and getting some exercise. Again, the list goes on and on.

This is a really safe community with people looking out for one another. When something strange is going on people let you know. If someone needs help the community rallies to help.

Our take? 

Don't forget that this Ivins home is 3 minutes from world-famous Red Mountain Resort , our own "Broadway in the Desert" - Tuacahn Amphitheatre, and the breathtaking Entrada Golf Club. and Shop around and compare - this is the best deal in Southern Utah as the owners are relocating with employment and have priced this beauty to move fast. Here's that link 1 more time: Ivins Home For Sale

Epic St. George Views had Tamarack Ridge Seller "At Hello"....

by Jeremy Larkin

2298 S. 1400 E. St. George, Utah – I’ve seen a BUNCH of St. George view homes in my nearly 400 sales as a Real Estate Professional, but this one is truly spectacular. Located high above St. George Golf Club, you’ve got a bird’s eye view of just about everything from Bloomington Hills to Downtown, to Snow Canyon.

If the views aren’t inspiring enough, the craftsmanship and condition should be. From the floor to ceiling windows, elaborate chef’s kitchen, or 3 master suites, the home is truly exceptional and perhaps most amazing for a home of this size, utilities are CHEAP.  Located on the Dixie Power grid, the Owners share that combined gas & electricity bills (on the budget plan) run right around $100.00 monthly…whoa!

Check it out below and be sure to comment with your feedback on what you most like about this spectacular St. George view home!

For current pricing and to view other Larkin Group featured listings, visit


“The things I love about St. George are the warm and friendly people of the area; the myriad of year-round activities for all ages like the Huntsman senior games, area art festivals, Kayenta art shows and galleries, as well as the Tuacahn outdoor theater performances; the stunning natural wonders so close from our front door like Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley; and being only 40 minutes from the incredible live performances of the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City which are attended repeatedly by patrons worldwide.  The weather and golfing are pretty great, too!”

“When our agent first drove into Tamarack Ridge Estates to show us this home 9 years ago, we were overwhelmed with this secluded, prestigious neighborhood where the beautiful homes not only boasted manicured lawns but also overlook billion-dollar views of mountains, city, St. George Golf club and pond.”

“To "pop in" to Harmon's grocery with its’ deli, salad/soup bar, and quick check-out aisle just a short 5 'away is a most welcome delight!  Our gas tank is always full thanks to the gas station on the corner at the bottom of the hill the home sits on.  It is so quick and easy to get to IHC’s Dixie Regional Medical Center, as well as one of many urgent care facilities in the area – it’s literally a 7 or 8 minute drive. And it's just a "skip" to our college, campus activities, and live performances at the Cox Auditorium on campus. Oh, yes, and you can actually walk to the St. George Golf Club from your front door, just one of many golf courses in the area!”

“We were absolutely awestruck by the home, the secluded but so-accessible location, the billion-dollar views, the bright and open floor plan, as well as the quality and new condition of the home.” 

St. George Golf Course View Home












This is a "Certified Pre-Owned" Property - contact us for details on what that means for the future homeowner. 

“From the first day we arrived in St. George, we always anxiously awaited live performances at the Tuacahn outdoor theater, Shakespeare in Cedar City, the many art shows and art festivals, the Cox Auditorium performances, a delicious meal or cup of coffee at Xetava Gardens in Kayenta after browsing the pottery and several art galleries, collecting art work, as well as always exploring and the taking of breathtaking photography everywhere we turned in Southern Utah.”

“Something we should mention is that our home is exceptionally quiet.  Our utility bills are very low -around $200 TOTAL for gas and electricity (on the budget plan,) which is truly amazing for a 5566 square foot home!  Our home is nestled in such a beautiful area with one of the very best home owners' associations in town, resulting in practically no turnover in the neighborhood.  

“This was our dream home we went through so much to be able to move into.  It has brought us immense joy and tranquility from the first day we moved in and on a daily basis thereafter.  It is really heart-wrenching to have to give it up but exciting to know someone else will love and enjoy it as much as we have.”

For more information or to schedule a private viewing of this property, contact the Larkin Group at 435-767-9821, or CLICK HERE to search for other St. George View homes. 


Homes for Heroes Celebrates 12th Anniversary

by Jeremy Larkin

St. George, Utah - Homes for Heroes is celebrating its 12th year of bringing savings to our nation’s heroes. The program was created to honor those that serve our communities every day and ensure a legacy of remembrance for those that lost their lives that tragic day.

Homes for Heroes Ivins, Utah











"Heroes" Russ & Mindy Sumens of Ivins, Utah

Ruth Johnson, President and CEO of Homes for Heroes, is one of the five founding members who started Homes for Heroes, Inc. in 2002. “We all remember where we were. We all recall how we felt. WE decided to do something about it!  We created a forever remembrance, a never ending thank you, to all the Heroes that day. We all share admiration for the people who serve our community, often selflessly and wanted to recognize and show our appreciation in a meaningful way, “said Johnson.
The Homes for Heroes program has grown to become the nation’s largest hero savings program with over 1,000 affiliates in 47 states. It is comprised of Realtors, Lenders, and other real estate-related providers who are willing to offer substantial savings and discounts to when buying, selling or even refinancing their home. Nationally, the program has given back well over $3 million to heroes all over the country, a total that continues to grow on a daily basis.
Homes for Heroes has served thousands of heroes across the country including Minneapolis Police Sergeant, Tim Hatchner, “This is not a gimmick. There is no extra paper work or special guidelines or income limits. Homes for Heroes is comprised of full service real estate, mortgage and title company professionals, who have long established reputations in the Twin Cities. Both the sale and the purchase of my home went off without a hitch. Homes for Heroes saved us nearly $5000.00 at closing. When raising a young family, every penny counts! I would definitely recommend this program to my fellow officers.”
If you would like more information about Homes for Heroes or to see other relative media regarding the national program go to, or or course just contact us directly: OR 435-767-9821.

Getting The Best Offer on Your Home

by Jeremy Larkin

So what’s the difference between a GOOD Real Estate offer and a GREAT Real Estate offer? According to recent research nearly 1 in 3 Buyers entered into a “competing offer” situation last year…wow! That’s great news for Sellers, but is price always King? Not necessarily:

Sellers who are considering an offer on their home or property need to consider the following:

  1. The highest offer isn’t always the best
  2. Buyer needs to be FINANCIALLY ABLE to close
  3. A buyer with significant earnest money or larger down payment is going to typically be more “ready” to close the deal.

Enjoy this short 1:47 video on this topic for a more interactive view on the topic, and as always – just contact us via email at or 435-767-9821 for professional advice regarding your personal St.George Real Estate situation! 


Missing Person! We Need Your Help

by Jeremy Larkin

We have been so fortunate to continue GROWING our business, even during some wild economic times. Much of this thanks is to you, our friends, family and clients. THANK YOU! We are looking for some really great talent right now. They can even be GAINFULLY EMPLOYED currently, no problem. We have incredible culture and hope you know someone we can speak with. THANK YOU! 




  • A “Servant’s Heart” and the “Will of a Bulldog
  • Computer savvy, proficient in all Microsoft Office applications, specifically Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Strong ability to handle multiple projects, deadlines and details simultaneously
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Specifically, ability to work with multiple personality types to comfort and educate clients. 
  • Exceptional organizational and deadline management abilities
  • Detail oriented and thorough
  • High Integrity: concerned about doing things the right way and win/win relationships at all costs!
  • Calm under pressure
  • Learning-based: Willing and anxious to BE, DO and LEARN more every day
  • Ability to collaborate with peers, all levels of staff, and a variety of personalities
  • Real estate industry experience (Sales, Title, Mortgage, etc.) is helpful but NOT required

MOST IMPORTANT: We are looking for an individual who is interested in PERSONAL GROWTH, not just a short-term "J.O.B." 

Only the Awesome need apply!

Send introductory email and resume to:

PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS, even if we already know you! 

Do More Homes Sell During the St. George Parade of Homes?

by Jeremy Larkin

Ahh yes, the St. George Parade of Homes. That time when the Northern folks flee the cold and smog of Wasatch Front inversions, local folks view their dream homes, and about 200 million FSBO's (For Sale by Owners) throw a sign in their yard with dreams of selling their home for more than it's worth!

St. George Parade Home








Not only that, I've always said that if you don't hate your own home now, you will after the parade! At least my wife feels that way after she leaves these beauties and lands back at the "dreary" Larkin Residence. 

Which begs the question: Do more homes sell during the Parade of Homes, or NOT? Are people really here to BUY St. George Real Estate, or just spectate? We've been asked this about 5x in the past few weeks, so we did the research for you. Here's what we found (video). 


Are you going? 







Using Technology to Sell Your Home

by Jeremy Larkin


So nowadays every Realtor fancies themselves a “Technology Specialist”, and of course they go about telling the world they’re just that.  Very few truly are specialists, but such is life.

So what technologies are Realtors most OFTEN using to market your home? At the Larkin Group we’ve had some real fun in the past year delving into the process of using “long tail keywords” (yes, Jargon…) to cause Buyers to find your home on the FIRST PAGE of Google. Very, VERY cool.

Here’s an example: “Google” any of the following terms:

·         Snow Canyon View Home

·         Foremaster Ridge (foreclosure)

·         St. George HUD Home

·         Little Valley St. George (Home for sale)

If you paid close attention, of the MILLIONS of results, articles we’d written about specific Larkin Group listings showed up in the first 1-5 results. (the pages).  I’m assuming you wouldn’t feel too bad about that exposure for your home? I sure wouldn’t. More exposure means more eyeballs and hearts and minds thinking about your home, which means a better shot at getting your price in your timeline.

Watch the video below to find out which technologies most Realtors are using currently to sell homes. Feel free of course to reach out to us directly to discuss what works, what’s just hype, and what is a waste of time!

St. George, Utah Real Estate 2011 - Boom or Bust?

by Jeremy Larkin


St. George Real Estate is always trending…up, down, buyer’s market, seller’s market, distress market…always moving in some direction.

Depending on the situation you're in, the 2011 St. George Real Estate market was either:

St. George Real Estate A.     Fantastic - ​People in the "fantastic" class may have purchased their first home at a sub 4% interest rate, refinanced their current mortgage to a sub 4% interest rate, picked up an investment property at a FRACTION of 2005 prices or perhaps even narrowly avoided a foreclosure by way of a successful short sale of their home.

B.     Painful - ​Those in the "painful" category may have lost a home(s) to foreclosure,  built and "sat" on a spec home that wouldn't sell, or, depending on their perspective, short-sold a family home that they originally dreamt of staying in forever.

C.    Lackluster - ​Those in this category probably wished​ they could refinance their home but owed too much on the mortgage, missed out on a great investment deal, or were just generally let-down that the market didn't recover more fully in the way of appreciation to their home's value. 

Regardless of your situation, let’s talk about the top 5 pieces good news in St. George Real Estate!

1.     RECORD HOME AFFORDABILITY – The combination of prices + record low interest rates made 2011 the most affordable time to own a home…EVER!

2.     Decreased Inventory – For Buyers, this is frustrating. However, this means home values are stabilizing, unemployment is obviously improving, and our market is returning to “normal” after a ridiculous boom which was followed by a harrowing crash. In more simple terms? Too many homes for sale = falling home values. Too few = increasing home values. 

3.     The St. George Replacement Airport Opens – After years of planning, fighting with environmentalists, and a lot of community nail biting,  the new St. George municipal airport opened on January 12, 2011. We’re now “jetting” to Los Angeles and Salt Lake City on Jet aircraft instead of turboprop, and we have an airport site that will support jumbo jets in the future. This WILL be a huge benefit to our local economy; it will just take time for that impact to be felt as passenger loads increase. Our Video Blog about it: St. George Airport Grand Opening. 

4.     St. George Recognized over and over for being on the “great” places to: Live, work, retire, and vacation. Check out this article: St. George Among Best Places to Live -

5.     Finally, CONTINUED Strong Real Estate Sales: ​St. George area real estate sales were higher in 2011 than they've been in nearly 5 years. The Larkin Group alone ​closed over 170 transactions. People ARE...BUYING...REAL ESTATE in Washington County!

'Every homeowner, or would-be home owner's situation is different. The question, "how's the market" should have a unique ​answer for everyone. Don't let some crazy Realtor just tell you "good" or bad." If you're seeking PERSONAL St. George Real Estate information, just confidentially ask!

Email Jeremy at or of course give us a ring – (435) 674-1442. We’d be honored, pleased and all of those other really positive descriptors to answer your questions about current conditions in St. George Real Estate.



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