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Keller Williams Realty Continues to Dominate and Turn Heads

by Jeremy Larkin

Keller Williams Realty is getting some notoriety...again...and understand. 

Last month Brad Inman of Inman news released a piece, "Underestimate Keller Williams at Your Own Risk", touting basically EVERYTHING about the company. Inman "gushed" about the company to be quite frank, and Inman news is widely regarded as an incredibly reputable source of national real estate data. 

Keller Williams Realty

Then this week the video below was released. These guys are pretty zany, but they've built a reputation over the past 5-10 years of speaking TOTAL truth about the Real Estate market, and they are NOT Realtors - so no real benefit of them not speaking truth. 

If you're a Home Buyer or Seller, this might be great grounds for hiring a Realtor from Keller Williams Realty. If you're an Agent looking for a "home" - it's tough to ignore the talk on the street, and it bears that your time would be well spent to at least check into the opportunity to grow your business via Keller Williams Realty. 

Shoot, they even got Charlie Sheen on the video...It must be true! :)

What Drives First-Time Home Purchases?

by Jeremy Larkin

Well funny you should ask, because we've got an answer! According to a report by KW (Keller Williams Realty) research, St. George first-time home purchases, as well as those nation-wide, are most driven by the following 3 factors: 

1. The current market

2. Financial readiness

3. Location & Price 

Get the full "scoop" in real people's terms in this super short 1:29 video:

If you're a first-time Buyer (or any type of Buyer for that matter..) looking to search for your own home, enjoy free 24-hour access to every single available property in Washington County, including "coming soon" listings before the sign even goes up! Here's that link: St. George Home Search


What does Shifted Real Estate Market Mean for Buyers?

by Jeremy Larkin

If you haven't heard yet, the St. George Real Estate Market is shifting....AGAIN. What was a Seller's market, became a DRAMATIC Buyer's market, which is now becoming, yet again, a SELLER's real estate market not only in St. George, Utah, but all over the West. If you're BUYING St. George Real Estate, here's what that means for you. 

Sell Your St. George Home 30 days faster than the neighbors?

by Jeremy Larkin


No, I'm SERIOUS. This is month's "This Month In Real Estate" shows how the concept of "starting high, then lowering later" with your home listing price may SOUND good...., but ultimately just costs you money. 

Properly pricing a home is equal parts SCIENCE....and ART. Check out the vid now: 

I could write a book on how many times my personal Home Selling clients have made this little "boo-boo"...included my own danged parents!

They'll kill me if they ever see this, but we were selling a home in Washington for them. Trying to avoid a loss, (as any self-respecting person would), my Father started HIGH. We went through 6 months of reductions and along the way turned town an offer that was $30k more than the final sales price!!!! Oops. 

Have you ever had a similar experience? 


Homes For Heroes Comes to Washington County

by Jeremy Larkin

I’m always careful to thrown the phrase “I’m proud” around too flippantly as it has the dreaded “P” word in it – PRIDE. But today the Larkin Group is TRULY PROUD to announce their Partnership with the Homes For Heroes Organization!

Homes For Heroes

Homes for Heroes® is a company that works hand in hand with Realtors®, lenders and other real estate-related service providers to offer substantial rebates and discounts to the Heroes who serve our nation and its communities every day. “Heroes” include military personnel (both active and retired), firefighters, law enforcement officers, health care professionals, school teachers and others who make our communities a better, safer place to live.

The Homes For Heroes program was created after the tragic events of 9/11 as a way to say “THANK YOU” to the men and women who have given so much. Heroes across the United States of America register on the Homes For Heroes website every day looking for the savings.

The official Homes For Heroes Organization connects the Heroes with local Realtor, Lender and other Affiliates who assist them with their home buying or selling needs.

So what’s so cool about that?

SAVINGS. MOOLAH. $$ rebates back to the Heroes at closing. We rebate a full 25% of our gross commission to the Hero at closing. On an average $215,000 home that’s $1600.00! Lenders and other affiliates also offer savings taking the average up to well over $2500.00 in most cases.

Check out the Homes For Heroes Story here: 

Full Service With Benefits

Our service is not dumbed down or “lowered” in any way. We offer heroes full service real estate representation and as a way of saying “thanks”, we rebate that 25%. Pretty cool!

For a long time now we’ve asked ourselves how to best “give back” to the community as we assist Washington County Buyers and Sellers. It’s tricky because there are SO MANY organizations: Habitat for Humanity, the Doctor’s Free Clinic, the Erin Kimball Foundation, Dixie Care and Share…how do you choose?! The Homes For Heroes program is fun because it streamlines the process for us, and beyond just writing an anonymous check, we get to actually say "THANK YOU" by participating in the process with the Hero – very cool.

If you believe that you, or someone you know, qualifies for “Hero” savings in Buying or Selling a St. George area home, REACH OUT TO US! Details and contact info here: Washington County Homes For Heroes




ST. GEORGE HOME BUYERS: Get Power with a Pre-Approval

by Jeremy Larkin - St. George Real Estate Ninja

Pre-approvals are the real deal! Recent studies show that Buyers who get "pre-approved" are significantly more likely to actually CLOSE on a home as those who are just "pre-qualified." ​Is there even a difference? YES. 

In a prequalification scenario, you call a Lender, tell them your income over the phone and perhaps​ they run your credit, after which they say, "you're good to go." The problem with this? It's like calling your Heart Surgeon  and just explaining the symptoms over the phone. Can you even imagine it? NO WAY. That Doc would IMMEDIATELY SAY, "I can't diagnose you over the phone. Come in for a full checkup." 

Enter stage right: The PRE-APPROVAL. In this scenario, a Lender who's worth their weight in salt...and gold, and a bunch of other stuff, has the Buyer bring in FULL documentation of employment, income, and pulls credit. They are literally saying, "barring a major disaster (like the purchase of a speedboat) and pending a signed sales contract between Buyer and Seller, you're GOLDEN for $_____. That's power for 2 reasons:

1. You're not wasting your time. You know what's real and you're armed for battle if you find the home of your dreams.  

2. Sellers in today's market DEMAND Buyers get a strong pre-approval, especially​ banks selling foreclosed homes. 

Check out the vid below on this subject by KW International. In the meantime we want to thank Matt Hickman of Academy Mortgage for some fine insights on this subject - he's one of the very best. If you'd like to inquire with Matt about YOUR home loan, he can be reached at 435-632-6811, or to discuss a home loan pre-approval. 

This Month in Real Estate - May 2010

by Jeremy Larkin

GREAT report! In this month's issue enjoy tips & info on the following key points:

  • 1st-Time Buyer Tax Credit Expired on April 30th - What will this mean for Sellers and Buyers?
  • What the #'s are telling us about the current market: 1st-time Buyers made up 42% of all purchases in February, and Investors made up 19%.
  • 3 Key Tips for Selling Your Home in this current housing market


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