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Fall in Love with your Fall Home Holiday Decor

by Jeremy Larkin

Hitler Finds out his Zillow Home Value Estimate Isn't Accurate...

by Jeremy Larkin

..And it's funny. Hilarious.  

A while back we posted a video, "Can you Really Trust Zillow to estimate your Home's value?" And the answer was NO. 

It's tempting to trust a (FREE) online home valuation system to figure out what your home is worth, but step back and consider this: You spend years of your life building up a nest egg and/or preparing to make the SINGLE BIGGEST purchase you'll ever make - in a HOME.

Now you pop on a site like assuming that for absolutely NO FEE, with NO RISK on your part, they'll tell you what your home is worth. Shoot, you don't even have to put in your email address or name! is a wonderful site. They offer loads of great (free) info to the public, AND Real Estate Professionals. But please, please, PRETTY PLEASE trust us: When it comes to figuring out what your home's true market value is, (another) PLEASE trust a Professional do help you out, not a computer system. 

If you'd like a REAL WORLD, REAL PERSON look at your home's true value, or just a no-obligation discussion about your property, give us a ring at 435-767-9821. That is all, now enjoy the video!

This Month in Real Estate: The Spring Home Shopping Season

by Jeremy Larkin

A lot of homeowners are wondering if right now is the time to sell St. George area home. According to a national survey of real estate transactions, over 90% of buyers start their home search using the internet, and then spend almost two months looking before settling on the right one for them. That two month lag time means that houses that are on the market right now are in the best position to close in the early spring.

So if you’re looking to sell in the spring, you’ll want to sell your house now, and get a head start on the competition! Enjoy this short 1:10 real estate market update and video on the Spring Selling season below! And as always, if you have questions about selling your personal home, just contact us at 435-767-9821.


Ivins Home Sellers hate to go!

by Jeremy Larkin

Ivins, Utah - Despite what you may think, not all home Sellers feel pain when they sell and move to the next phase of their life. Many never loved the home they're in or even had a dispute with a neighbor and can't wait to get sold and moved!

Not so for the owners of this Ivins, Utah home for sale. For these homeowners, moving is bitter sweet. 

Located in quiet and safe Heritage Estates, this Ivins home for sale offers the best of both worlds: On the hand, a fully, beautifully finished main level complete with hardwood flooring and a kitchen to DIE FOR! (don't tell my wife...). On the other, an 80% complete basement that is currently plenty for kids to occupy but leaves room for your special touch and creates a built-in equity situation. 

This Ivins home is truly custom with many, many upgrades and a fantastic location only one block from churches, a few blocks to Lava Ridge Immediate School, Red Mountain Elementary is less than a mile, and Snow Canyon Middle and High schools are less than 3 miles.

To view full detailed description and a 360-degree tour of this gorgeous property, click here: Ivins Custom Home For Sale 

Ivins Home For Sale

"SELLER-SAYS" - Here's what the Seller has to say about the home and why they moved there in the first place!

Here are some things we love about living in Ivins and the area around it:
1. Breathtaking views: The view of the Red Mountain with the contrasting Pine Valley Mountain behind it is just amazing!
2. Wide open spaces: We love getting off the beaten path so close to home and walking on trails and exploring the Anasazi Petroglyphs without having to drive to a trail head, we can just walk.
3. We love being removed from the metro area but also being so close that we can run into town for shopping or dinner and movie in just a few minutes.

Our neighborhood is the best! The people are so friendly. We have kids of all ages here. In the evening you can walk and talk to people sitting on their porch or sit on your own porch and visit with people as they walk by. The kids come out and play in the street. Our kids love going to a friends house and swimming, playing ping pong, etc. they have lots of friends here.

There are just enough conveniences without the hustle and bustle. One each of post office, grocery store, and gas station within walking distance. There is a medical and dental clinic in town also. In addition, you are very close to the West side restaurants, grocery, and other conveniences. Red Mountain Elementary and Lava Ridge Intermediate are within walking distance. Snow Canyon Jr. and High Schools are only a couple of miles. Several parks all within walking distance with a new one going in a couple of blocks away.

When we first saw this house we instantly fell in love with it. Large enough for our family while being aesthetically pleasing. We love the open floor plan for entertaining and cooking while still being able to interact with guests. We also loved all the upgrades: Real wood floors, granite counters throughout, tile on not only the floors but walls as well, covered porches, raised decks, fireplaces, high ceilings, drinking fountain, intercom system throughout, extra large pantry, food storage room, the list goes on and on.

If you like being out of doors, hiking, running, biking, or going to a park then this is the place for you to enjoy your passions. My kids have taken off on a Friday after school with a backpack and hiked up and camped overnight on top of the Red Mountain - where else can you feel good about letting your kids do something like that? Friends from Idaho have stayed with us, not because they wanted to see us (just kidding), but because their ball tournaments were held at Gubler Park and they wanted to be close and have the option to not fight the parking and just walk over instead. We love hitting one of the many trails (both paved and unpaved) in the area and getting some exercise. Again, the list goes on and on.

This is a really safe community with people looking out for one another. When something strange is going on people let you know. If someone needs help the community rallies to help.

Our take? 

Don't forget that this Ivins home is 3 minutes from world-famous Red Mountain Resort , our own "Broadway in the Desert" - Tuacahn Amphitheatre, and the breathtaking Entrada Golf Club. and Shop around and compare - this is the best deal in Southern Utah as the owners are relocating with employment and have priced this beauty to move fast. Here's that link 1 more time: Ivins Home For Sale

What Drives First-Time Home Purchases?

by Jeremy Larkin

Well funny you should ask, because we've got an answer! According to a report by KW (Keller Williams Realty) research, St. George first-time home purchases, as well as those nation-wide, are most driven by the following 3 factors: 

1. The current market

2. Financial readiness

3. Location & Price 

Get the full "scoop" in real people's terms in this super short 1:29 video:

If you're a first-time Buyer (or any type of Buyer for that matter..) looking to search for your own home, enjoy free 24-hour access to every single available property in Washington County, including "coming soon" listings before the sign even goes up! Here's that link: St. George Home Search


What does Shifted Real Estate Market Mean for Buyers?

by Jeremy Larkin

If you haven't heard yet, the St. George Real Estate Market is shifting....AGAIN. What was a Seller's market, became a DRAMATIC Buyer's market, which is now becoming, yet again, a SELLER's real estate market not only in St. George, Utah, but all over the West. If you're BUYING St. George Real Estate, here's what that means for you. 

We finally sold the Little Valley St. George "Mini-Mansion!"

by Jeremy Larkin

10,000 SF? 2.5 acres? In Little Valley? For under $500k? YES. After years of area residents wondering if the home was some type of “compound”, a Little Valley area home is now occupied by a new Owner. And it only took us 68 showings (yes, we actually track that...find out how here: Showing Feedback System)

Little Valley St. George Luxury Home









                                         "She's a big un'!"

We received all sorts of bizarre questions while marketing the property. The most typically asked was, ‘is that some type of bizarre multi-family compound?', and....(drum roll please), 'Is that a Polygamist house?' No, we’d reply, it’s just a home!” 

I'll admit it, the "hugeness" (is that a word?) of the home, and the way it sits up off the road made it quite a sight. Boasting nearly 10,000 SF living space on 2.5 acres with a massive 5-car garage and a huge Fort-Knox style wood beam gate to the backyard, the home was featured in an MSN Real Estate Article titled “Bargain Mansions” last fall. You can view that article here: 10 Bargain Mansions 

And a bargain it was. This Little Valley home ended up selling right around $450k. You just don't run across that much space in this area for that price. The sheer size made it non-functional for most Buyers, resulting in a sweet deal for the new owners. 

Curiosity killing you? The home can be viewed right here:




Can I still Get a Mortgage if the Government Shuts Down?

by Jeremy Larkin


This is the question of the day! We're updating the St. George Real Estate Blog as more of a matter of "Breaking News" than anything today. I'm not even going to spend 10 seconds talking about the politics here, but I WILL spend 2 seconds in saying this: TYPICAL.

I've been in communication with some of the best Mortgage Professionals in Washington County today to learn more. Scott Gibson and Chantry Abbott of SGI Mortgage provided me with these summary "sticky spots" where a mortgage loan could get stopped in its' tracks:

  1. 4506T tax transcript verification - Would CEASE. (mandatory on all loans) If IRS is closed, no taxes can be verified, therefore no loans could get written.
  2. RURAL funds - All Govt backed for Rural Housing Loans. These are very standard in Washington County, especially for Hurricane, Leeds and the list goes on.
  3. VA / FHA loans and appraisals - Again, Govt supported institutions...would be closed.
  4. Fannie/Freddie reviews of files - Do you see the consistent trend here?....GOVT....BACKED. And a HUGE portion of mortgage loans are backed by Freddie and Fannie.

As mentioned by Scott Gibson, these are just a few examples, and we do not want to panic anyone but it is important to be informed.

Is this a good reason to not get a mortgage or purchase a home? Not really. As my Mother always taught me, "This, too shall pass." It's just a situation that could cause some short term pain.

More to come! Email me your questions, thoughts, comments:


Dusting off the St. George REO "Speedwagon"

by Jeremy Larkin

St. George REO (an industry term for "Foreclosure) listings are through the ROOF if you haven't already noticed! After a long summer's slumber, (TOO DANG HOT!), the St. George Foreclosure Bus, a.k.a. the "St. George REO Speedwagon" is being dusted off and brought back into action.

Here's a short video clip from last season:

Tour Details:

We are running a total of 4 dates in October. This St. George REO tour is FREE and not to be missed by anyone looking to buy or invest in St. George real estate right now.

We typically view 6-8 homes in less than 3 hours. That part is fun, but the insights we can give on what the market is doing how the banks work their seemingly psychotic short sale & foreclosure programs is laid out in detail!

Registration & details here:

Look smarter than your friends....

Finally, as you may already know, and as we discussed in our report earlier this week, (read HERE), the Larkin Group lists and sells a fair volume of St. George REO / bank foreclosure properties. The good news? Our inventory is GROWING this fall and we will have even more properties for you to view prior to them ever being listed.

These unlisted St. George REO homes are the "holy grail" of real estate. I inserted a few new assets from this week below. We are more than happy to discuss them with you and schedule a private showing. Our full inventory is here: Larkin Group Listings.

Until next time, I'm loving this fall weather - how about you? As always, you're welcome to our FREE home search system to find other St. George REO's. 

Getting a Mortgage? Don't expect any favors from your old bank.

by Jeremy Larkin

Are people getting mortgages? YES. Is it as easy as it used to be? THANK HEAVENS NO.

We've recently had many would-be Buyer clients tell us that they met with their "old bank" and the bank wouldn't just give them a home mortgage loan right there on the spot.

That was 2005, (or maybe 1935?), this is 2010 - post real estate melt-down. The banks learned their lessons so don't plan on running down to your old Savings & Loan and saying, "Barney, how's the wife and kids? I need a loan - where do I sign?"

We've all got to jump through the hoops of the mortgage system now, and that's just fine.

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