Am I the only one who is just SICK AND TIRED of the summer heat? What a pleasure it was to journey up to the Veyo Pool, one of our long cherished family traditions. It is just so quaint, the grill is OFF THE CHARTS and the kids worship the whole experience. HERE IS A SHORT VIDEO of the day including crawdad fishing!

 As a lifetime resident of the St. George area I have always maintained that there are 4 stages people go through each summer. It looks like this:

Stage 1 (Late may through June): "Finally I can go swimming! I just love this dry heat!"

Stage 2 (July 1 to July 31): "MAN it is hot! Well, I guess it's around 4th of July time so what else can we expect? Summer won't last forever."

Stage 3 (Aug 1st to Aug 31): "Ok, that is ENOUGH! I can't stand another day of it. My back is dripping and I can't even go outside!"

Stage 4 (Sept 1 to verifiable cooldown): "I thought summer was over?!?! I can't believe this 'Indian Summer' may be time to move to Alaska!)

And by mid October of course we are into what my brother and I refer to as "Chamber of Commerce weather" which makes St. George an easy sale for delusional marathon runners and rich World Senior Games attendees.

At the end of the day I still see this as the greatest place on earth. Clean air, light traffic, cooler than Phoenix or Vegas but not cold enough for any real snow, close to National Parks, and more.

Now does someone have a phone # to the chamber of commerce for a weather report?.......