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This Month in Real Estate: January 2015

by Jeremy Larkin

Here are this month's most important national real estate statistics, facts and figures. Please contact us directly to discuss how they affect you locally! 435-767-9821, or

Turning Back Your St. George, Utah Sprinkler Clock

by Jeremy Larkin

It's fall in Dixie!! That means 2 things: 1. Lots of football, and 2. Tons of Southern Utah residents overwatering their lawns. In this quick video, Jeremy Larkin of the Larkin Group gives some time-tested advice about getting your St. George area sprinkler clocks turned back, spoken as a life-time local who know a bit about Southern Utah lawns.


St. George Real Estate Sales dip…should you panic?

by Jeremy Larkin

WHY are home sales down? 

  1. One factor is the continuous decline of foreclosures and short sales and in turn, this has left fewer homes available for the long-term. That is good news!
  2. Washington County home values have COME UP nearly 20% since 2011…also great news! But because they’re up, some Buyers are getting priced out of the market, which in turn slows the total # of sales down. But it’s healthy for the market as it prevents another outlandish housing bubble like 2005. And Washington County cannot face another housing bubble – it’s unacceptable! The decline in home sales year-over-year is actually a sign of a healthy, self-balancing real estate market!


Have specific questions about your own real estate purchase or selling situation? We'd love to answer them! Contact us at or 435-767-9821. Your confidentiality will ALWAYS be protected!

Today, on GoStGeorgeTV, we’re going to answer the question: “Can I trust the Zillow home price estimate?”

Zillow has become a wildly popular online tool to get a quick estimated value of home values. We estimate that eight out of ten Sellers we work with first go to Zillow to get an initial estimate for their home. With so many users, so many millions of homes, and having those homes spread across the entire United States, is it possible that the site could have inaccurate estimates? We’ll take a look at the three traditional values for a home and compare them with the Zillow value. 

1. The first value is the assessed value.

2. The second value is the appraised value.

3. The third value is the market value.


Have specific questions about your own real estate purchase or selling situation? We'd love to answer them! Contact us at or 435-767-9821. Your confidentiality will ALWAYS be protected!

St. George Real Estate Market: Can You Really Trust the News?

by Jeremy Larkin

I want to remind you regardless of what you are hearing in the news about the real estate market, it is the media’s job to embellish reality! If St. George real estate is warming up, the media defines is as a “meteoric rise.” And if it’s cooling? Same pattern, just opposite direction. 

So my job is to interpret the truth of the St. George real estate market, then report that to you regularly! Check out our video below to find out what the TRUTH really is about St. George real estate!


Have specific questions about your own real estate purchase or selling situation? We'd love to answer them! Contact us at or 435-767-9821. Your confidentiality will ALWAYS be protected!

2014: Year of Steady Growth

*This post was originally published in January 2014. 

Everywhere I go, I am always asked about the current state of the market. To be honest, there is no simple answer. The answer always depends whether you will be buying or selling. However, 2012 was considered a “recovery” year for the St. George market, 2013 was considered a “stabilization” year and now we are banking on 2014 being a really strong “growth” year. What I mean by a “growth” year is that home values are still very strong, interest rates are still very low and buyers in the marketplace. 2014 has the potential to be a good year to both buy and sell!

Check out our video below to find out what Jeremy predicts for the St. George real estate market in 2014!

Have specific questions about your buying or selling situation? We'd love to answer them! Contact us at or 435-767-9821. Your confidentiality will ALWAYS be protected!

Something we will be trying to do this year is periodically feature local businesses, people and events that we think are just worth talking about. NO ONE IS PAYING US FOR THESE PLUGS!

We did that in this episode with Town & Country Bank. These guys are just plain "cool" and their "Concierge Banking" is banking like you've never imagined! Check them out in our video.

Now the question on MANY people's minds right now is this: "What is in store for St. George Real Estate?"

It's a question that could be answered with many other questions, but here is my 2-cents as we plow into 2010 in earnest.

5 Reasons St. George Real Estate will Survive (and eventually THRIVE)

  1. Affordability – In 2007 only 20% of homes in Washington County were affordable based on national guidelines....TWENTY PERCENT! Recent data tells us that we are now at 60% and climbing.
  2. Safety - In a recent Farmer's Insurance study on safety, Washington County was ranked #1 in safety for communities under 150,000 residents. Have you READ the news about violent crime in other cities lately?
  3. Baby Boomers – This group continues to flee places like Phoenix and Palm Springs to capture what those communities were 30 years ago. St. George is it.
  4. Investors – I have said multiple times in recent months: When savvy investors begin to pay full (list) price on certain listed properties, you know that prices are getting back where they need to be. You would be SHOCKED at how many transactions in 2009 were full CASH deals!
  5. Fresh Pool of Buyers – These are the people that did NOT buy in the "hay-day" market of the mid-2000's. Instead, they continued to further their careers, pay down debt, and save for bigger down payments. As such, there is an entirely NEW pool of QUALIFIED Buyers looking to purchase a home!

There you have it, Jeremy Larkin 101 on why St. George Real estate will continue to be something worth while to live, work and invest in.



St. George/Washington County Real Estate Update

by Jeremy Larkin

The tides are a turnin' in many parts of the St. George area real estate market this month! Friends and clients on my mailing list have been hearing about this for the past few months and the positive news keeps coming.

In an article from today's "Spectrum" newspaper titled "Local Economy Stabilizing", local & regional economist Lecia Langston said Washington County's economy is beginning to stabilize. Well it's about time!

For so long our area was "insulated" from the major ebbs and flows of the economy, feeling only a percentage of the cyclical changes that may have been felt in other major metropolitan areas. Why? Well if you live here you know the answer, and if you are moving here you also understand. Great location, weather, scenery, national parks, low crime, the works!

Outside of all the economists' hard-to-understand charts and graphs, what we are seeing "on the ground" is this: Properties hitting the market and selling in a few days or less for list or even above list price, with the final price and terms being determined through a "bidding war." (see this WSJ article on just that: BIDDING WARS)

Here are some hard figures to consider:

Total Pending 264
Total Active Listings 2650 %
Total Sold (30 days) 106 Sold
    % of Total
Active REO 178 7%
Active Short Sale 440 17%
Active Retail 2020 76%
Sold REO 39 37% 22%
Sold Short Sale 9 8% 2%
Sold Retail 58 55% 3%

May 5 #'s
Total Active Listings 2337
Total Pending 430 %
Total Sold (30 days) 202 Sold
    % of Total
Active REO 133 6%
Active Short Sale 472 20%
Active Retail 1733 74%
Sold REO 67 33% 50%
Sold Short Sale 37 18% 8%
Sold Retail 98 49% 6%

1. "Pending" sales up nearly 40% since February. All of the major financial and housing experts use pending sales as a major indicator of housing market health.

2. "Active" listings down 12% in that same time frame. Real estate, just like handguns and hammers, is about supply and demand. Lower supply is what we want.

There is still a TON of foreclosure inventory coming, but I think this is a good thing. Why? Because every well-priced home that hits the market right now, especially under $300k, is selling in just a few days. This tells us the public is finally ready to pull the proverbial trigger and get into the housing market.

Housing has always driven the rest of the financial markets. When people are buying, sellers are getting paid and spending that $$ on other homes, goods and services. In that process, real estate agents, title and mortgage people also get paid. They in turn spend money, and the eternal sales cycle continues.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on this page about the figures above, as well as your personal opinions about the market. Onward!


Utah Ranked #1 for Recovery

by Jeremy Larkin

I love good news, don't you? In a period of NEVER-ENDING financial pain, death, destruction and just generally bad news once again my beloved Beehive State is a ray of light.

In second edition of a report called "Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index", Utah was just ranked #1 in terms of its' forecasted ability to recover economically.

Here are the top and bottom 5:



















1. Utah






46. New Jersey







2. Colorado






47. Maine







3. Arizona






48. Rhode Island







4. Virginia






49. Vermont







5. South Dakota






50. New York


Sorry New York - things don't look bright for you. And they beat up on California of course for more over-spending, tax hiking and general stupidity in policy-making.

Full Article HERE.


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