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Little Valley St. George DOUBLE-FEATURE Open House!

by Jeremy Larkin

Not only are all of the cool kids MOVING to Little Valley, they'll also be attending our Little Valley "double-feature" open house on Saturday November 14th, 2015. 

Food and prizes. 

Great company. 

2 killer homes. 

  • 2806 E. Carmine Dr. 
  • 2468 S. 2350 E. 

See you Saturday between 10 AM and 1 PM. Questions? Call us at 435-216-3888!

Little Valley St. George Home For Sale


Watching for Signs of Pest Problems

by Carson Hunt, H&H Pest Control

While some pests are obvious to notice in or around your property, many others are more subtle and some are not even seen at all.  But there is good news! Even the most sneaky of pests will leave a trail of evidence of their presence, but you will need to be looking.  So, before you start to worry about what could be hiding, now is the time to get educated so you can spot signs of a pest problem.

Why its a good idea to find pests sooner than later...

As time goes on, overlooking or simply not knowing a pest infestation exists, the infestation will get worse and will become more of a threat to you, your family, and your property.  Depending on the pest that has taken up residence on your property, you could end up with extensive and costly damages, the spread of harmful bacteria, food contamination, and sometimes even illness spread to your family.

Here are a few tips to help you identify pests sooner than later...


  • Wood that appears to be buckling, swollen or even appear to be water damaged.
  • Discarded wings, either inside or outside.
  • Mud tubes around the property.

Bed Bugs

  • Inspect box springs and bed frame for live or dead bugs.
  • Blood spots on sheets.
  • Empty tan colored skins that are left behind when bed bugs shed their skins to molt into the next stage.


If you notice any of these signs or any other signs of an infestation, please contact H&H Pest Management 888.471.3275  right away! While these pesky pests may be hard to find, they will leave clues behind so that you can have the problem resolved right away to avoid further problems.


For more information about termites and other wood-destroying pests in the St. George area, contact H&H Pest Control at 888-471-3275 or at

St. George Termites: Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind

by Carson Hunt, H&H Pest Control

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind.” When you apply it to some things it may work. For example, it works fantastic when dieting. Hide those cookies and you will find it's easier to lose weight. But, on the other hand, it’s not a method you want to use when dealing with other problems. The problem of termites would be one of them. Just because you don’t see these hungry little insects eating the wood from your home doesn't mean they aren't there. Termites do their work behind the walls.

And the St. George Real Estate Market isn’t exempt from these little “buggers” in any way, shape or form!

That said, termite colonies often leave clues if you know what to look for.

Pest Control Inspection

How many times have you taken your car in for a routine oil change only to have the mechanic tell you that you will have some serious engine trouble in the near future? To guard against a termite infestation, one of the best things you can do is invest in a regular pest control inspection. Professional pest control companies know what to look for. They can save you a load in home or business damage costs by catching a colony before they have eaten their way through. Even the strongest structures have vulnerabilities, don't think your home or business is secure against them.

Hollowed Wood

Think you may have a termite problem? Or want to know if you might have a termite problem? Go look around the perimeter of your home or business. Evaluate the sound of the wood when you tap on it. Good, sturdy wood should have a sound to match. If you hear a hollow thunk sound upon tapping the wood, there may just be a problem. Remember, termites devour their fill from the inside out. If you wait until you see the termites poking through your side of the wood, you’ll have waited too long.

Mud Tunnels

Termites don’t like to travel out in the open. It’s their dedication to stealth and protection that makes them so difficult to discover. They will, however, leave mud tunnels. If you find these mud tunnels along your walls, it’s a very good indication that there are termites.

Discarded Wings

Particularly after the swarming season, termites often leave pieces of themselves behind. Get a good pest control company out to your house  if you see discarded wings about for a full inspection. The worst thing you can do is assume that the wings are nothing to worry about.

For more information about termites and other wood-destroying pests in the St. George area, contact H&H Pest Control at 888-471-3275 or at

2014: Year of Steady Growth

*This post was originally published in January 2014. 

Everywhere I go, I am always asked about the current state of the market. To be honest, there is no simple answer. The answer always depends whether you will be buying or selling. However, 2012 was considered a “recovery” year for the St. George market, 2013 was considered a “stabilization” year and now we are banking on 2014 being a really strong “growth” year. What I mean by a “growth” year is that home values are still very strong, interest rates are still very low and buyers in the marketplace. 2014 has the potential to be a good year to both buy and sell!

Check out our video below to find out what Jeremy predicts for the St. George real estate market in 2014!

Have specific questions about your buying or selling situation? We'd love to answer them! Contact us at or 435-767-9821. Your confidentiality will ALWAYS be protected!

Brigham Young Winter Home

by Kendall Clements, Escape Properties

The Brigham Young Home in St. George is trully a great local piece of history! Much of St. George's Euro-American roots come from the LDS Mormons that traveled across the country to settle in Utah. With them settling here, they are a lot of our culture and we have a lot of historic landmarks from them, and they left some pretty awesome old houses for us modern folks!


One of these homes was the Brigham Young Home. This home was where the 2nd Modern Day Prophet of the LDS church stayed over the winter the last few years of his life to enjoy the warmer weather (than the cold weather in the Salt Lake area) and to help with the construction of the Temple and Tabernacle. This home is still intact and is very pretty to see! Don't just take my word for it; come to St. George and see it for yourself!!‚Äč


 Kendall Clements is the owner of Escape Properties in St. George, Utah, a firm specializing in fully furnished vacation rentals. Kendall is a super guy and knows a great deal about Southern Utah. You can contact Kendall at (435) 414-1524,, or visit him at

St. George Pests! What is Integrated Pest Management?

by Carson Hunt, H&& Pest Control

Pest control, everyone needs it, but what is IPM? Well, here in St. George the temperature is warming and the bugs are starting to move around. Whether you own a business or want protection for you home, the most effective and green friendly method of keeping pests outside is to choose a pest management professional that follows an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan.

IPM is a process involving common sense and sound solutions for treating and controlling pests. These solutions incorporate three basic steps: 1) inspection, 2) identification and 3) treatment.  Treatment options vary from sealing cracks and removing food and water sources to pesticide treatments when necessary.

Most importantly, IPM requires a partnership between you and your licensed pest professional. In working together, you can have the peace of mind that your business and home will be protected against pest-related health and property threats.

IPM Treatment and Inspection Techniques

When it comes to pest management, there are very few “standard operating protocols.” Instead, your pest professional will assess YOUR unique situation to develop a comprehensive cure to your pest problem, which could include any of the following techniques:

  • Applying pesticides
  • Using various trapping devices
  • Emptying trash containers frequently
  • Keeping trash containers clean both inside and out
  • Keeping full trash bags tied securely and placed in outdoor garbage storage areas
  • Cleaning outdoor garbage areas to remove debris
  • Using tight fitting lids and/or closed dumpsters to store garbage outdoors.
  • Emptying sink strainers and running the garbage disposal frequently to prevent food build up in the drain area
  • Washing dishes immediately after meals to prevent pests from consuming food residue on dishes
  • Cleaning food particles and grease from kitchen appliances (toasters, ovens, microwaves, ovens, stoves, and refrigerators)
  • Storing pet food in re-sealable containers
  • Limiting the amount of time that pet food and water dishes are left out
  • Storing food products in plastic snap-lid containers or kept in the refrigerator
  • Vacuuming and sweeping floors and furniture regularly, especially around eating areas such as kitchens and living rooms
  • Cleaning food storage areas and shelves regularly, where pests may be harboring
  • Sealing gaps around plumbing, wall outlets and switch plates to prevent pests from migrating from infested units to others, and much more!

 By doing your part to fulfill the Integrated Pest Management plan you are taking an active approach to keep pests from walking through your doors.  More than just a pest "band-aid" that doesn't address the problem, IPM works as a cure.  We at H&H Pest Management believe in the IPM process and we believe that by working together, your home or business will be properly treated and pest free.

 For more about IPM and to see videos of IPM in action check out  As always feel free to contact us at H&H for any questions regarding your pest control concerns.


By: Carson Hunt

This Month in Real Estate: July 2014

by Jeremy Larkin

Are you wondering if right now is a good time to enter the St. George Real Estate Market? Check out some incredibly helpful July 2014 Real Estate Stats. CONTACT US for information on how this affects YOU!

Email us at or 435-767-9821

St. George City Golf Club

by Kendall Clements, Escape Properties

St. George City Golf Club is a “need-to-play” type of course. One of the biggest activities in Southern Utah and surrounding areas is golfing. Therefore, we have some amazing golf courses around town that are worth going to if you are the type of person that loves to golf.

St. George golf club









Located in an area known as "Bloomington Hills", this is one of St. George's favored golf courses. This course is very unique in the fact that this one is run by the St. George City itself. It's been running for 30+ years and is considered a "traditional" 18-hole course. Because it is an older course, the fairways are wide open and greens are less risky. 

The price for an 18-hole game is between $22-$33, depending on the time of year you decide to go golfing. They also have many events to choose from! So come to St. George and try golfing here for yourself! 

For more information, go to


Kendall Clements is the owner of Escape Properties in St. George, Utah, a firm specializing in fully furnished vacation rentals. Kendall is a super guy and knows a great deal about Southern Utah. You can contact Kendall at (435) 414-1524,, or visit him at

Tuacahn Center for the Arts

by Kendall Clements, Escape Properties

Tuacahn Center for the Arts is a high school and outdoor ampitheatre where they bring famous Broadway actors to preform. Their mission statement is, "Tuacahn Center For the Arts is a professional non-profit presenting and producing organization that inspires creativity and greatness in the human spirit by providing world class family entertainment and education." 

There are many attractions that bring people to St. George and many reasons why they wanted to come. One of the biggest attractions for people to the St. George area would be Tuacahn outdoor theatre.                                                                                    

Their main goal is to bring people closer to the art of musical theatre other arts. They have famous plays going on every season, which is mostly in the summertime.


Known as "Broadway In The Desert", they usually play one famous Broadway play and then one famous Disney Broadway play. This past season they played Thoroughly Modern Millie and Mary Poppins.

What will they play next year? The Little Mermaid and The Wizard of Oz!! So book your tickets and come to Tuacahn in St. George!!

For more information visit


Kendall Clements is the owner of Escape Properties in St. George, Utah, a firm specializing in fully furnished vacation rentals. Kendall is a super guy and knows a great deal about Southern Utah. You can contact Kendall at (435) 414-1524,, or visit him at

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

by Jeremy Larkin

The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site is an awesome way to take a glimpse back into the Jurassic age! Just in case you thought that St. George couldn't get any cooler, I'm here to tell you that that isn't true! We also have one of the best preserved and numerous dinosaur tracks today! So if you are interested in this, here is some background:

Dr. Shelton Johnson was leveling the soil on his land for farming, when he suddenly found a harder Sedimentary Rock formation. Curious, he looked more thoroughly and found that they were dinosaur tracks! Knowing they should be maintained for education and science, he donated the land with the tracks on it to the City of St. George, which then created the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm to display some of the findings. 

The Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm museum is open Monday-Saturday from 10AM to 5PM, and closed on holidays. A great way to stay out of the cold this winter, It costs $6 for an adult and $3 for children 3-11. Children under 3 are free. Go to for more information on the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm.


Kendall Clements is the owner of Escape Properties in St. George, Utah, a firm specializing in fully furnished vacation rentals. Kendall is a super guy and knows a great deal about Southern Utah. You can contact Kendall at (435) 414-1524,, or visit him at

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