I thought this was interesting. Calpers has been naming the worst companies since 1992. Fortunately their worst company picks WON’T put my beloved ‘Avocado Eggroll’ in jeopardy, but certainly isn’t helpful to the company’s stock.


On this year’s list? Cheesecake Factory, (OUCH!), La-Z-Boy, and many, many others.


According to Calpers, one of America’s biggest Pension funds ($235 Billion Big), the companies on this list need to improve their stock performance and governance practices.

California Public Employees Retirement System, also named insurance brokerage firm Hilb Rogal & health-care equipment supplier Invacare, and home-building group Standard Pacific to its most recent Focus List.

Making it onto Calpers' annual list is generally considered to be bad for a company's image and business, industry consultants have said, and top executives try to make quick changes to avoid being embarrassed a second time by the fund.

Here is a link to the MSN video that I first saw about this list: Calpers Worst Company Video.  Evidently they contact these companies “discreetly” in advance of publishing the list and tell them “hey, you need to clean up your act on some issues.” Some improve, and others don’t and end up on the list.

Last year the pension fund named insurance broker Marsh & McLennan and drug company Eli Lilly, but they made enough positive changes to escape being singled out again.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about their stock performance as long as they continue to serve those absurd portions and create one of the best products I’ve EVERY put into my gut.

Moral of the story: STAY OFF of any “worst” list of any kind.