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Which Home Updates Matter Most when Selling?

by Jeremy Larkin


St. George area Home Sellers often ask us about this exact thing. "Jeremy, we're thinking of selling, should we _____________ (Paint, carpet, replace cabinets, install a water park...)?"

The correct answer is always, "IT DEPENDS". 

There is more to selling a home than just throwing a sign in the yard. Certain renovations are losers, others are winners, but most of them will most importantly help you SELL THE HOME, not necessarily put $$ back in your pocket. 

Here's a SHORT video about the top 3 home updates completed prior to selling a home: 

If you've got questions about pre-sale remodeling at your home, just pick up the phone and ask! 435-767-9821 or

You can also get a quick snapshot of what YOUR home would sell for in this market below: 


Homes for Heroes Celebrates 12th Anniversary

by Jeremy Larkin

St. George, Utah - Homes for Heroes is celebrating its 12th year of bringing savings to our nation’s heroes. The program was created to honor those that serve our communities every day and ensure a legacy of remembrance for those that lost their lives that tragic day.

Homes for Heroes Ivins, Utah











"Heroes" Russ & Mindy Sumens of Ivins, Utah

Ruth Johnson, President and CEO of Homes for Heroes, is one of the five founding members who started Homes for Heroes, Inc. in 2002. “We all remember where we were. We all recall how we felt. WE decided to do something about it!  We created a forever remembrance, a never ending thank you, to all the Heroes that day. We all share admiration for the people who serve our community, often selflessly and wanted to recognize and show our appreciation in a meaningful way, “said Johnson.
The Homes for Heroes program has grown to become the nation’s largest hero savings program with over 1,000 affiliates in 47 states. It is comprised of Realtors, Lenders, and other real estate-related providers who are willing to offer substantial savings and discounts to when buying, selling or even refinancing their home. Nationally, the program has given back well over $3 million to heroes all over the country, a total that continues to grow on a daily basis.
Homes for Heroes has served thousands of heroes across the country including Minneapolis Police Sergeant, Tim Hatchner, “This is not a gimmick. There is no extra paper work or special guidelines or income limits. Homes for Heroes is comprised of full service real estate, mortgage and title company professionals, who have long established reputations in the Twin Cities. Both the sale and the purchase of my home went off without a hitch. Homes for Heroes saved us nearly $5000.00 at closing. When raising a young family, every penny counts! I would definitely recommend this program to my fellow officers.”
If you would like more information about Homes for Heroes or to see other relative media regarding the national program go to, or or course just contact us directly: OR 435-767-9821.

No doubt, you've already heard about home mortgage interest rates rising - sharply. The question for Buyers and Sellers will be: How does this affect St. George Real Estate? And WHY are interest rates rising? 

Here's a quick answer:

1. It affects the St. George Real Estate market...any any OTHER market for that matter, in one NEGATIVE WAY, and still another POSITIVE way. How?

Negatively, it will impact some St. George Real Estate transactions immediately as the Buyers will no longer be able to afford the home. The Sellers then suck wind because they have to start process of finding a home Buyer all over again.

So Jeremy, what’s the upside? Here you go:

Positively, the St. George Real Estate market gets a boost because of the MOTIVATION this change causes. We’ve been warning home Buyers and Sellers for at least 6 months on the GoStGeorge Radio Show that rates would eventually be rising. And they did. Many people who were sitting on the fence will not just get off, but will LEAP from that fence to quickly take action – buy a home, sell a home, refinance a home. This puts more money into St. George Real Estate market immediately, causes still MORE Buyers and Sellers to take action, and on it goes.

2. Why is this happening? Simply, the Government has spent BILLIONS to keep mortgage interest rates artificially low - like keeping the economy on life support, and that included St. George Real Estate market. It can't last forever, and as the economy improves (good sign), they're slowly tearing the band-aid off rather than ripping it off and allowing rates to go from 3.5% to say 6% overnight. 

So rising Home Mortgage interest rates a GOOD or BAD thing? Both. And most importantly, a REAL thing. Real Estate markets never stay static, and the St. George Real Estate market is no different.

Wondering if your home can be sold in this market? Reach out to us directly for a (free) personalized “Pin-Point Valuation”, or just click on the link below for a “quick and dirty” St. George home value estimate: 

Ironnman St. George Traffic Guide

by Jeremy Larkin

St. George, Utah in May. That means it’s once again IRONMAN ST. GEORGE time! Depending on where you LIVE on the Ironman St. George route, you may not be as enthusiastic as some folk will be due to challenges with getting around.

So here it is, the official Ironman St. George “Traffic Impact” guide with all of the information you and yours will need to navigate the area on race day, Saturday May 4, 2013. Just click here: Ironman St. George Traffic Guide

Ironman St. George race day truly is “electric” however, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to spectate, volunteer, or RACE the event, you’re missing out. While I wouldn’t recommend RACING at this point (you couldn’t get into the sold-out event anyway), you can certainly volunteer. Here’s a link to do that! Ironman St. George Volunteer Opportunity

Until then, enjoy some fantastic video we took during the inaugural Ironman St. George and get ready for the Ironmen! (and women…). 

What does Shifted Real Estate Market Mean for Buyers?

by Jeremy Larkin

If you haven't heard yet, the St. George Real Estate Market is shifting....AGAIN. What was a Seller's market, became a DRAMATIC Buyer's market, which is now becoming, yet again, a SELLER's real estate market not only in St. George, Utah, but all over the West. If you're BUYING St. George Real Estate, here's what that means for you. 

Missing Person! We Need Your Help

by Jeremy Larkin

We have been so fortunate to continue GROWING our business, even during some wild economic times. Much of this thanks is to you, our friends, family and clients. THANK YOU! We are looking for some really great talent right now. They can even be GAINFULLY EMPLOYED currently, no problem. We have incredible culture and hope you know someone we can speak with. THANK YOU! 




  • A “Servant’s Heart” and the “Will of a Bulldog
  • Computer savvy, proficient in all Microsoft Office applications, specifically Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Strong ability to handle multiple projects, deadlines and details simultaneously
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Specifically, ability to work with multiple personality types to comfort and educate clients. 
  • Exceptional organizational and deadline management abilities
  • Detail oriented and thorough
  • High Integrity: concerned about doing things the right way and win/win relationships at all costs!
  • Calm under pressure
  • Learning-based: Willing and anxious to BE, DO and LEARN more every day
  • Ability to collaborate with peers, all levels of staff, and a variety of personalities
  • Real estate industry experience (Sales, Title, Mortgage, etc.) is helpful but NOT required

MOST IMPORTANT: We are looking for an individual who is interested in PERSONAL GROWTH, not just a short-term "J.O.B." 

Only the Awesome need apply!

Send introductory email and resume to:

PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS, even if we already know you! 

Do More Homes Sell During the St. George Parade of Homes?

by Jeremy Larkin

Ahh yes, the St. George Parade of Homes. That time when the Northern folks flee the cold and smog of Wasatch Front inversions, local folks view their dream homes, and about 200 million FSBO's (For Sale by Owners) throw a sign in their yard with dreams of selling their home for more than it's worth!

St. George Parade Home








Not only that, I've always said that if you don't hate your own home now, you will after the parade! At least my wife feels that way after she leaves these beauties and lands back at the "dreary" Larkin Residence. 

Which begs the question: Do more homes sell during the Parade of Homes, or NOT? Are people really here to BUY St. George Real Estate, or just spectate? We've been asked this about 5x in the past few weeks, so we did the research for you. Here's what we found (video). 


Are you going? 







We finally sold the Little Valley St. George "Mini-Mansion!"

by Jeremy Larkin

10,000 SF? 2.5 acres? In Little Valley? For under $500k? YES. After years of area residents wondering if the home was some type of “compound”, a Little Valley area home is now occupied by a new Owner. And it only took us 68 showings (yes, we actually track that...find out how here: Showing Feedback System)

Little Valley St. George Luxury Home









                                         "She's a big un'!"

We received all sorts of bizarre questions while marketing the property. The most typically asked was, ‘is that some type of bizarre multi-family compound?', and....(drum roll please), 'Is that a Polygamist house?' No, we’d reply, it’s just a home!” 

I'll admit it, the "hugeness" (is that a word?) of the home, and the way it sits up off the road made it quite a sight. Boasting nearly 10,000 SF living space on 2.5 acres with a massive 5-car garage and a huge Fort-Knox style wood beam gate to the backyard, the home was featured in an MSN Real Estate Article titled “Bargain Mansions” last fall. You can view that article here: 10 Bargain Mansions 

And a bargain it was. This Little Valley home ended up selling right around $450k. You just don't run across that much space in this area for that price. The sheer size made it non-functional for most Buyers, resulting in a sweet deal for the new owners. 

Curiosity killing you? The home can be viewed right here:




St. George Real Estate Post-Election: NOW WHAT?

by Jeremy Larkin

Well....BILLIONS of dollars and 4 years later, the Presidential Election came...and went. There's no question that St. George...and the entire State of Utah for that matter, are predominantly Conservative, Right-leaning, Republican areas. And as such, MANY locals have expressed utter dismay over Presidential Election results.

I cannot tell you how many facebook posts, emails and tweets I saw from friends saying, "I'm sick to my stomach, we're ruined!" Then there were those on the other side who were simply elated...interesting how life works isn't it? 

Regardless of your political affiliations, this type of sentiment CAN, but doesn't NEED to affect local consumer confidence. In this week's piece, Obama and Romney don't know anything about St. George, Utah...but we do!.

Jeremy Larkin talks about why the the future of St. George Real Estate is bright regardless of who's in office. THESE ARE "GLAD TIDINGS" about the future of this local market - PLEASE PASS THE WORD ALONG to your friends!

PS - we've already got folks contacting us concerned about what election may results may do to their property values long term. We've opened up a brand new resource page for you to look at values in your neighborhood IMMEDIATELY. Enjoy by clicking below:



Ironman St. George Becomes 70.3 St. George

by Jeremy Larkin

Ironman St. George….70.3 St. George?!?! Yes, I know it’s all very confusing if you haven’t been in or around the sport of Triathlon, so here’s the long (and 50% shorter) version.

After this week’s 3rd annual Ironman St. George race, Ironman International has decided to convert the race from a full 140.6 mile Ironman event to a shorter, 70.3 mile ½ Ironman. “70.3” is the official branding amongst Triathlon enthusiasts…it just sounds better than ½. Who wants to do, or be…1/2 of anything?!?!? Not many, but the 70.3 event will be KILLER I assure you.

The Ironman St. George course is TOUGH. Arguably the toughest on the planet. This has been part of the event’s Achilles heel. Add to that the fact that they added another full Ironman event last year in Woodlands, Texas…that falls just 14 days after this one, and they essentially cannibalized the St. George race!

Politics aside, St. George can be very successful with the Ironman 70.3 event. They draw more athletes, are easier to complete for said athletes, and create less of an impact on local traffic.

Personally, as a lifetime St. George local who has ridden or run every section of the course, and as an Ironman St. George Volunteer Captain who’s seen the pain up close for 2 years, I might actually attempt the 70.3 whereas I had told my group of local buddies that Ironman St. George may not be in the cards for me with a heavy workload, small kids, etc, etc, blah, blah. I can wrap my mind around 70.3….140.6? OUCH!

Let me close with these thoughts for those naysayers who think this race has “failed.”

  •   Ironman St. George has been known as one of the most scenic, if not the MOST scenic in the international circuit.
  •  The local volunteer group has been widely heralded by both Ironman Officials and athletes alike as the finest they’ve ever seen. We have a tradition of giving back in St. George and Utah as a whole. This change certainly didn’t have anything to do with a lack of community support.
  • The Ironman St. George course is just plain tough, AND it happens to fall in early May which gives athletes very little time to prepare after colds of winter.
  •   This decision was made at the Ironman CORPORATE level, not any local level. Our community has embraced it, and will continue to embrace it in the new Ironman 70.3 format. I guarantee it.

In honor of the final year of the full 140.6 mile Ironman St. George, check out this classic video we shot year 1 about the Ironman St. George course showcasing St. George’s Historic District. If you’re still interested in volunteering, (which is a TOTAL BLAST), reach out to me via email: and we’ll have you join us for the 2012 Ironman St. George.

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