"Amazing Deal!! Buy an Oak tree for $209,900 and we'll throw in the home behind for FREE!"

And yes, this DID come from the Washington County MLS by the way. I shall leave the agent nameless because I think he actually is a decent guy, but seriously! Am I the only one who notices the picture of the kitchen in a million-dollar home using Grandma's vintage polaroid camera with all of the shades drawn and the lights off?

It's amazing that even in a true Buyer's market, where Sellers really need and deserve the best marketing possible, Agents continue to reach new lows with their marketing standards. This is an off-shoot of another incredibly entertaining topic, "Worst Realtor Head-Shots", which can be saved for another day.

If you want some REALLY good laughs though, I can't compete with our Friend Norm Fisher in frigid Saskatoon, Canada who has taken the time to create the following website, "Unbelievable Bad Real Estate Photos of All Time." Go ahead and enjoy that one for a moment.

Another Great "Worst MLS Photos" site: http://therealestatebakery.com/category/worst-mls-photos/.  These make the 2 I've inserted here look great.

National Association of Realtors research shows that 85% of home buyers now begin their home search online, and that 24% end up buying a home that they specifically found online. Yet agents seem content to apparently take in excessive amounts of alchohol prior to memorializing a beautiful home like the one below as it tips over and crashes down the hillside into the St. George Historic District Below.

 This stuff is just another example of exactly why Real Estate Agents get such a bad rap for doing poor or no work.

Million Dollar Views!.................$35 camera.  


Anyone else who has seen some classics out there in your home searching? I will continue to update this post as long as we keep finding them.....which we always will. We can really have some fun by posting all of the bad MLS/ Real Estate Photos you send to us. Shoot them over to me at larkin@exitredrockrealty.com. (They will be pictured below)



4/21 - Phenomenal 2 Bed / 2 Bath Condo.....CAUTION: Extreme Radiation Present!








5/13 - I actually had a buyer client of mine email me today and ask "what kind of damage is that, fire damage?" No, it's not. It's a piece of crap photo of an otherwise beautiful home. Whoops.


 "No Officer, I have absolutely NOT been drinking.......hey who do you know who needs to buy or sell real estate?.............."




You know I wasn't going to write an offer on this home, but now that I see this picture......"









This home is ACTUALLY listed at $1.7 million.....too bad the photographer snapped this shot right as he/she was knocked to the floor by the mobs of people wanting to buy $1.7 homes right now...(the 35 mm Camera was not damaged however)



This is peculiar........and a great marketing piece!

But wait, there's more! I'm going to throw in the toothpaste if you write a full-price offer TODAY!