..And it's funny. Hilarious.  

A while back we posted a video, "Can you Really Trust Zillow to estimate your Home's value?" And the answer was NO. 

It's tempting to trust a (FREE) online home valuation system to figure out what your home is worth, but step back and consider this: You spend years of your life building up a nest egg and/or preparing to make the SINGLE BIGGEST purchase you'll ever make - in a HOME.

Now you pop on a site like Zillow.com assuming that for absolutely NO FEE, with NO RISK on your part, they'll tell you what your home is worth. Shoot, you don't even have to put in your email address or name!

Zillow.com is a wonderful site. They offer loads of great (free) info to the public, AND Real Estate Professionals. But please, please, PRETTY PLEASE trust us: When it comes to figuring out what your home's true market value is, (another) PLEASE trust a Professional do help you out, not a computer system. 

If you'd like a REAL WORLD, REAL PERSON look at your home's true value, or just a no-obligation discussion about your property, give us a ring at 435-767-9821. That is all, now enjoy the video!