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Foremaster Ridge Foreclosures

by Jeremy Larkin

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure History

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosures, as well as neighboring East Ridge Foreclosures (which shares the East Ridge Mesa of St. George), were once upon a time (Pre-2005) almost non-existent.  St. George foreclosures of ANY KIND, were almost non-existent prior to the nation-wide real estate bubble which, subsequently, burst. It seemed that virtually overnight​, St. George foreclosures in general burst. 

Like the rest of surrounding St. George real estate, Foremaster Ridge was no exception, and unfortunately gained the temporary, but undesirable title of “Foreclosure Ridge!”  Numerous “spec builders”, many of them from far away out of State locales, were throwing up HUGE luxury homes as fast as they could, only to see their investments taken from them – resulting in a glut of Foremaster Ridge Foreclosures.

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosures Fading into History (yahoo!)

The good news for OWNERS concerned about their St. George Home Values is that Foremaster Ridge foreclosures are not only on the DOWNSWING, they are once again almost non-existent! Look at historical Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure sales for the past 5 years:

5-Year Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure Sales History

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure Sales

The evidence of a St. George real estate recovery is OBVIOUS in these figures. This obviously bodes well not only for Foremaster Ridge residents, but for the whole danged market!

Why I’ve Personally Considered a Future Move to Foremaster Ridge

Yes, I really have as recently as the past month considered purchasing a building lot on Foremaster Ridge to someday build on. Why? You simply can’t beat the location.

This East Ridge of St. George is truly a little ‘island in the sky.’  I’ve taken photos of downtown St.  George after rain storms from Foremaster Ridge when the clouds blanketed the entire down City, but sun was shining away on the Ridge. You’re sitting in an upscale, (but not stuffy) neighborhood that could easily be 10 miles out of town, but sits literally 2 minutes to Dixie Regional Medical Center, and 2-5 minutes from the core of St. George Big-Box Retailers including Target, Lowe’s, Ross, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more!

Some Details about the ONLY (at least currently) available Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure

Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure For Sale329 S. Crestline Dr - The layout of this Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure could as easily satisfy a growing family as it may a “Snowbird” looking for respite from cold Northern winters.

Featuring BRAND NEW CARPET and home-wide paint touchup, the home smells AND looks fantastic. 3-car garage? Check. Grand entry-way? Check. Fully fenced yard? Check. Amazing St. George location surrounded by a fantastic neighborhood? CHECK!

Note that this Foremaster Ridge foreclosure is a Fannie Mae property which may allow you to purchase for as little as 3% down!. Keep up with pricing and other details here: Foremaster Ridge Foreclosure.


Can I REALLY Purchase a St. George HUD Home for $100 Down?!

by Jeremy Larkin

St. George HUD homes may be just what the Doctor ordered for St. George Home Buyers (UTAH home Buyers actually) with great credit, steady employment, but who lack large down payment resources. 

HUD $100 Down Program

Since the beginning of home purchasing history, large down payment requirements have made home ownership a challenge for many otherwise qualified home buyers. While many believe that the recent St. George Real Estate boom, and subsequent BUST, hurt just about everyone, there are just as many, if not MORE, qualified Buyers who did NOT purchase a home in the boom, and subsequently damage their credit, etc, as there were those who DID.

In an effort to meet the needs of the current home buying marketplace, HUD is offering a $100 down payment on St. George HUD homes where offers are at or above current list price. 

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh so there’s a catch. I have to offer list price or ABOVE!” Before you get bent out of shape, let me assure you that 75% of St. George HUD homes are being listed BELOW market value! For instance, one of the Larkin Group’s personal St. George HUD home listings in Bloomington Hills was just reduced to $133,200 yesterday.  It’s a 5 bed, 3 bath, 3075 Basement home! That home will almost assuredly see a “bidding war” this week. See it here: Bloomington Hills HUD HOME. 

St. George HUD Home $100 Down Purchasing Requirements

  • Purchasers must be owner/occupants
  • Utilize FHA insured financing
  • Offer full list price or above
  • Any offers exceeding appraised value require the buyer to provide the additional funds at closing.

Remember that offering on a St. George HUD home is done much differently that what you’ve probably experienced in offering on other St. George foreclosures. The process is handed online via what we refer to as a “sealed bid”, so be sure to contact your FHA Lender or HUD approved Real Estate Agent for further information. 

As always, you’re welcome to use our FREE home search tool to search for other St. George HUD homes.

Fall in Utah's Dixie

by Jeremy Larkin

No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one Autumnal face.                                                                                                     -John Donne

Fall in Utah’s Dixie. How INCREDIBLE is it?  Born and raised here in Utah’s Dixie, my brother and I have always referred to St. George Fall weather as, ‘Chamber of Commerce Weather. ’ You know - that weather that sells just about anyone who visits this place we call “home.”

Fall in Utah's Dixie

If you’re “not from around these parts” you may be asking, what in the world is Utah’s Dixie?!  Or perhaps you ARE from around here, but never really understood the full meaning. It has NOTHING to do with Confederate soldiers I assure you.

Utah’s Dixie is the local nickname for St. George, Utah and surrounding areas. Long story short, the name Dixie was given to the area by early Mormon Settlers who were, A - Growing Cotton (as was done in the deep South); and B - And doing so in the DEEP SOUTH of Utah!

Hence, the name Utah’s Dixie. But I digress…..

I’m always amazed at how PERFECT our Thanksgiving Weather is every year i. I’ve probably not done my due diligence in checking a St. George weather almanac, but I can scarcely remember a time when:

  • It wasn’t sunny and 60 degrees
  • And we didn’t end up in short sleeves throwing a football in front of Mom’s house. (in between napping off our Turkey dinners or watching football)

What am I saying? We have it pretty good in good ol’ Utah’s Dixie.

The "Scoop" behind the “Fall in Utah's Dixie” photo above

Fellow St. George local Larry Gardner originally shot a similar photo to what you see on the front of this card some  8 years ago immediately after a November rain storm. He aptly named it “Fall(in’) in Love with Dixie” and allowed us to use it in our marketing.

A most people know, the landscape of Utah’s Dixie changed dramatically over the next few years of our record St. George Real Estate boom. I just HAD to get an updated photo of downtown St. George!

On a very similar November day in 2008 I commissioned local Photographer Danny Lee ( to take an updated shot following ANOTHER Fall rain storm. I literally called him last minute and said, “HURRY! You’re gonna miss it!”  It has now become an integral part of the Larkin Group brand as our ‘main’ photo at our site, as well as in many other locations. 

​Why do we LOVE this photo like we do? 

Growing up, I lived in 3 different homes along a 2-block strip of 600 East in downtown St. George. It's right there in the "Fall in Utah's Dixie" photo, you just can't see it! The typical marketing photo of St. George is always some red rock slab, yet that's not what I relate to my childhood. This photo really represents what growing up in downtown St. George "felt" like to me. 

We printed and mailed over 500 copies of this “Fall in Utah’s Dixie” photo to our friends and clients today – specifically formatted without any logos or other interruptions on the front so you can enjoy our amazing Southwestern Fall scenery year-round should you choose – frame it, post on a bulletin board, the fridge, whatever.

Wherever you are during this Holiday, here’s to a GORGEOUS Autumn and phenomenal, food and laughter-filled Thanksgiving. As for me? I’ll be enjoying Fall in Utah’s Dixie. 

Little Valley St. George Home For Sale

by Jeremy Larkin

Little Valley St. George homes can be classified as some of the finest, family-friendly Southern Utah homes - PERIOD!

Every time we have the opportunity to list a Little Valley St. George Home I just get psyched! (the best adjective I could come up with). It’s so much easier to stand behind the marketing of a piece of St. George Real Estate when you truly believe in both the home, AND the area it’s located in.

Conveniently located near churches, schools and what is arguably the finest public park and sports complex in Washington County, (“The Fields” Park), this Little Valley St. George home is no exception. BURSTING with curb appeal, it offers the ideal setup for large families or anyone looking to entertain friends and family. Neutral paint scheme, alder cabinets, granite countertops, and phenomenal cool storage space in the basement are tough to beat. The HUGE yard offers plenty of opportunity for a pool or other projects with large basketball pad and area for play-set are already installed.

One of the finest features about the area is the rural feel, but surprisingly convenient physical location. Elementary and Intermediate Schools are less than 2 minutes away, Middle & High Schools less than 5 minutes.

So go ahead  - don’t be shy about sharing this link with your Facebook, Twitter or other Social Networking buddies - they'll thank you!

View full details, Virtual Tour, and 16 photos here: Little Valley St. George Home For Sale

HERE'S ANOTHER GREAT LITTLE VALLEY HOME FOR SALE in the "Red Butte Estates" subdivision:


Santa Clara Heights Foreclosure Auction

by Jeremy Larkin

Foreclosure Auction. It’s tough to not click on the title like that, right?

This cute little Fannie Mae property will soon be sold via online Foreclosure Auction ( in coming weeks. Located in popular and scenic Santa Clara Heights, it will be a phenomenal Investment opportunity with BRAND NEW Carpet & Paint! The hillside location is awkward for some, but just what the Doctor ordered for others as it offers great views and cul-de-sac setting - ideal for families looking for peace, quiet and little to no traffic!

2602 Peach Circle Foreclosure Auction









Santa Clara Heights, affectionately known by locals as “the Heights”, is an incredibly popular and well-established area. Originally it was populated almost entirely by younger families, but over time has evolved into a location for all ages. Santa Clara Elementary is situation right in the heart of the heights, Lava Flow Intermediate to the Northwest, and Snow Canyon Middle / High Schools just East.

While in Santa Clara for the Foreclosure Auction, be sure to take a leisurely drive down good ol’ fashioned Santa Clara Drive, a tree-lined, idyllic strip winds through old Santa Clara City. And make sure to stop by Frei’s Fruit Market for some fresh peaches or even their home-made chips n’ salsa!

Flooring, foundation and flat work in this home show visible signs of cracking, settling or other structural issues. Buyer should be aware of these issues and do the proper research prior to submitting an online bid.

Pre Foreclosure Auction Public Open House Dates:

November 19th: 11-4 PM

November 20th: 11-4 PM

November 26th: 11-4 PM

Auction Date: ​12/9/11. To register and bid, click here: ​Santa Clara Heights Foreclosure Auction Registration

Obviously Buyers can take a run at any Foreclosure Auction with, or without a licensed Real Estate Professional on their team. Of course I’m going to tell you “with” – I’m a Realtor, right? But from a logical perspective, I wouldn’t make wild investments in companies or industries I didn’t’ know anything about. Why would a Buyer want to put $50, $100k or MORE into a piece of property without the representation of someone who does this Professionally...FULL TIME!?!?

Here’s a piece we wrote last year about the “what, where, when, and how” of these auctions: St. George Bank Foreclosure Auctions

That said, contact Michelle Evans of the Larkin / (435) 862-2320, for more details or information on Santa Clara Real Estate, or this Foreclosure Auction.


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